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Kingdom of Abomey (Benin)
Principality of Achaia (Greece)
Sultanate of Sceh (Indonesia)
Afghanistan Heads and Substates
Algeria Substates
Alderney Heads of State
Andorra Heads of State

Angola Head
s of State
Antigua and Barbuda Head
s of State 
Albania Head and Substates  
American Samoa Heads of State
Kingdom of Aragon (Spain)
Argentina Heads of State
Armenia Head
s of State
Kingdom of Ashanti (Ghana)
Kingdom of Assyria (Syria)
Australia Head
s of State
Austria Head
s of State
Austria Substates
Austrian Eccleastical Territories

Azerbaijan Head
s of State  

Bahamas Heads of State
Bali (Indonesia)
Bangladesh Heads of State
Bangladesh Substates

Barbados Head
s of State
Chiefdom of Basutoland (Leshoto)
Bavaria (Germany)

Belarus Head
s of State
Belgium Head
s of State
Belgium Substates

Belgium Eccleastical Territories

Female Leaders in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
Belize Heads of State
Benin Head
s of State  
Kingdom of Benin (Nigeria)
Begums of Bhopal (India)
Bhutan Heads of State
Kingdom of Bohemia (Czech)
Bolivia Head
s of State
Bosnia Head
s of State  
Botswana Head
s of State
Duchy of Braunschweig (Germany)
Brazil Heads of State
British Antarctic Territory

Brunei Heads of State
Buganda (Uganda)
Bulgaria Head
s of State
Burkina Faso Substates
Burma Substates
Burundi Head
s of State

Byzantine Empire (Greece)

Cannanore (India)
Cambodia Heads of State
Cambodia Substates
Cameroon Head
s of State  
Canada Heads of State
Canada Native Leaders
Kindom of Castilla (Spain)
Chile Heads of State

CentralAfrica Head
s of State
City of Ceuta (Spain external)
Chad Substates 
Chile Substates
s of State
Chinese Substates

Congo Head
s of State 
Comoros Substate
s of State  
Empire of Constantinople

Cook Islands Heads of State (temporary offline)
Costa Rica Head
s of State
Cote d'Ivoire Head
s of State  
Croatia Head
s of State  
Croatia Substates
Cuba Heads of State  
Cyprus Heads of State
Czech Head
s of State
Czech Substates

Czech Eccleastical Establishments

Dahomey Heads of State (Benin)
Denmark Heads of State
Denmark Lensmænd (County Sheriffs)

Danish County Sheriffs with pictures
Denmark Eccleastical Entities
Denmark Honrofic Titles

Danish Leaders
Female Holders of Local Jurisdiction in Denmark
Djibouti Head
s of State
Dominican Republic Head
s of State

EastTimor Substates
Easter Islands Chiefs
Ecuador Heads of State
Egypt Head
s of State
El Salvador Heads of State
Kingdom of England (UK)
Estonia Heads of State
Espanola (Domenican Republic/Haiti)
Ethiopia Head
s of State
Ethiopia Substates

Fiji Heads of State/Paramount Chieftainesses
Finland Head
s of State
Flanders (Belgium)
France Head
s of State
French Polynesia (Site being updated)
wWallis et Futuna
France Substate
s of State
wFrance Heads of Substates and the Kingdom w
France Ecclesiastical Territories
Conty of Friesland (Dutch)

Gabon Heads of State
Gambia Heads of State
Ghana Head
s of State
Ghana Substates
Georgia Head
s of State
Georgia Substates
Germany Head
s of State
East Germany Heads of State (1952-1989)
Germany Substates

Germany Ecclesiastical Territories

Greece Heads of State
Greece Sub States
Grenada Heads of State
Guatemala Head
s of State
Guernsey Head
s of State
wAlderney Heads of State
Guinea Bissau Head
s of State
Guinea Bissau Substates
Guyana Head
s of State

Haiti Heads of State
Kingdom of Hawaii (USA)

Duchy of Hessen (Germany)
Hispanola (Domenican Republic/Haiti)
County of Holland-Zeeland
The Holy Roman Empire
Honduras Head
s of State
Hungary Head
s of State

Iceland Heads of State
Inca Empire (Peru)
India Head
s of State
India Substates

Indonsia Head
s of State
Indonesia Substates
Iran Head
s of State
Iran Substates
Iraq Head
s of State
Iraq Substates
Ireland Head
s of State
Ireland Ecclestiastical Territory
Israel Head
s of State
Israel Substates
Italy Head
s of State
Italy Substates

Italy Ecclesiastical Entities

Jamaica Heads of State
Japan Heads of State
Kingdom of Java (
Kingdom of East Java (Indonesia)
Bailiwick of Jersey
Kindom of Jerusalem (Israel)
Jordan Head
s of State

Kazakstan Heads of State  
Kenya Heads and Substates
Kongo Kingdom (Angola)
Korea Head
s of State
South Korea Heads of State
Kingdom of Kush (Sudan)
Kingdom of Kuba (Congo)
Duchy of Kurland (Latvia)

Kyrgyzstan Heads of State and Substates

Laos Heads of State  
Latvia Head
s of State  
Latvia Substates
Lebanon Substates  
Leshoto Heads of State
Liberia Heads/Substates
Libya Heads of State
Lithuenia Heads of State
Lobedu Queendom (South Africa)
Luxembourg Head
s of State

Female Leaders in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

Madagascar Heads of State  
Madagascar Substates
Malaysia Heads and Substates
Maldives Head
s of State  
Malta Heads of State
Isle of Man Heads of State
Sultanate of Maguindanao (Philippines)
Marshall Island Heads of State

Mauritius Heads of State
Duchy of Mecklenburg (Germany)
City of Melilla (Spain external)
Kingdom of Meroe (Sudan)
Empire of Mesopotamia (Iraq)
Mexico Head
s of State
Mexico Substates
Monaco Head
s of State
Mongolia Head
s of State  
Montenegro Head
s of State  
Moldova Head
s of State
Mozambique Head
s of State
Kingdom of Mustang (Nepal)
Myanmar Substates

Namibia Heads of State
Kingdom of Napoli (Italy)
Nauru Heads of State

Nepal Heads of State  
Nepal Substates
Netherlands Heads of State
Netherlands Substates

Netherlands Ecclesiastical Territories
Female Leaders in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
New Zealand Heads and Substates
Nicaragua Head
s of State  
Nicaragua Substates

Niger Substates

Nigeria Head
s of State  
Norway Heads of State
Norway Lensmænd (County Sheriffs)

Ottoman Empire (Turkey)

Pakistan Substates
Palau Heads and Substates
Kingdom of Palenque (Mexico)
Panama Heads and Substates
Patani Kingdom (Thailand)
Persian Empire (Iran)

Peru Head
s of State
Philippines Head
s of State
Philippines Substates
Poland Head
s of State
Poland Substates

Portugal Head
s of State

Puerto Rico Heads

Empire of Q
ara Khitai (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia)
Kingdom of Quauhtitlan (Mexico)

Romania Heads and Substate
Russia Head
s of State
Russia  Substates

Duchy of Sachsen (Germany)
Saint Helena Substate
Saint Kitts Heads of State
Saint Lucia Heads of State
Saint Vincent Head
s of State
Samoa Head
s of State
San Marino Head
s of State
Captain Regents of San Marino - with photos
Saudia Arabia Head
s of State
Kingdom of Scotland (UK)

Senegal Substates

Serbia Head
s of State (Also see Yugoslavia Heads of State)
Kingdom of Sicily (Italy)
Sierra Leone Heads and Substates
Kingdom of Silla (Korea)
Duchy of Slesia (Schlesien) (Poland)
Slovenia Heads of State

Solomon Islands Head
s of State
South Africa Head
s of State
South Africa Substates
South Korea Heads of State
Spain Head
s of State
Spain Substates
Spain Ecclesiastical Entities 
Sri Lanka Heads and Substates

Sudan Heads and Substates  
Sultanate of Sulu (Philippines)
Swains Island
Swaziland Head
s of State
Sweden Head
s of State
Switzerland Head
s of State
Switzerland Substates

Switzerland Ecclesiastical
Syria Heads of State
Syria Substates

Tanzania Heads/Substates
 (Kingdom of Tahiti (Site being updated)
Taiwan Head
s of State
Tajikistan Head
s of State
Thailand Head
s of State  
Thailand Substates
Tibet Head
s of State
Timor Leste Substates
Tonga Head
s of State

Kingdom of Tooro (Uganda)
Gand Duchy of Toscana (Italy)
Principality of Transylvania (Romania)
Travancore (India)

Trebizond Empire (Turkey)
Trinidad Heads of State
Tunesia Head
s of State
Turkey Heads of State
Turkey Substates

Turkmenistan Heads of State
Turkestan (Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan)
People's Republic of Tuva (1921-44)

Uganda Heads of State
Uganda Substates

Ukraine Heads and Substates
United Kingdom Head
s of State
United Kingdom Heads of State - with pictures
United Kingdom Substate
s of State

United Kindom Traditional High Officers of State
USA Head
s of State

USA Substates

USA Native Entities
Kingdom of Uukwangali (Namibia)
Uzbekistan Heads and Substates

Vietnam Heads of State  
Yemen Head
s of State

Wallis et Futuna Heads of State
Duchy of Württemberg (Germany)

Yemen Heads of State
Yugoslavia Heads (Also see Serbia heads of state)

Zambia Heads of State
Zimbabwe Heads of State
Zulu Kingdom (South Africa)