Madagascar Substates

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Substates of Madagascar/Madagasikare
(Female Suffrage 1946/59) A French Protectorate 1895 and a colony 1897, 1958 an autonomous republic within the French community, 1960 Independent, 1958-75 known as the Malasy Republic 

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Ambohidratrimo or Ambohidratima

17... Queen Regnant Ramananandrianjaka Rambolamasoandro (Ravorambato)
Priviously known as Princess Ravorambato or Ravormbato, she deposed her uncle King Andrianbelanonona. Her granddaugther, Princess Rembolamasoandro was married to the king of Madagascar.

Until 1797 Queen Regnant Rabehety Andriantompoimrinamandimby Rambolamasoandro
The kingdom was united with
Ambohimanga (Imernia), which later became the Kingdom of Madagascar.


Until 1609 Queen Regnant Ambary
Founder of the  Sakalava kingdom and succeeded by the king Kozobe or Kazobe, who ruled until 1639.

1639 Queen Regnant Soanaomby
She was the elder daughter of the king Kozobe or Kazobe, who had succeeded the founder of the Sakalava Kingdom, Queen Ambary in 1609. After his death she ruled with her son, Andriamaitso (he ruled 1639-1689).


1919-35 Reigning Queen Tsiresy II Nenimoana of Bemazava
ucceeded her brother,Tsiaraso I, as head of the Antankaran in Andoany at Ankify, and was followed by her
nephew Rachidy Andriamamefiarivo (1935-45)

Bemihisatra (Sakalava kingdom)

1869-1881 Queen Regnant Safy Mozongo
Youngest daughter of the King Andriantsoly of Boina and the cousin of the Queen Tsiomeko of Boina. She was succeded by her elder daughter Binao. Bemihisatra was one of the Sakalava kingdoms.

1881-1923 Queen Regnant Binao
Succeeded her mother, Safy Mozongo of Bemihisatra (1869-79/80). In 1883, the French began a war of punitive expedition against the Merina, the fortresses of Anorontsanga and Ambodiladiro were bombed and destroyed, and Majunga was taken in turn with the help of her fighters. In 1895, the French launched yet another war of annexations and colonial conquest against Merina again with her the assistance and the following year General Galliéni was appointed by the French Governor of Madagascar. She was succeeded by her brother, Amada I (1923-1963). (d. 1923).

1970 Titular Queen Fatoma Andriamanaitri-arivo

The daughter of king Andriamamatatrarivo (1923-1968), she was succeeded by Amady Andriantsoly or Amada II who was deposed by his people in 1993. Presently Soulaimana Andriantsoly is the king of sakalava kingdom.


1777-78 Queen Andrianaginarivo
Daughter of
king Andriamahatindriarivo (circa 1730-60) and succeeded by son Queen Tombola in 1778.

1778 Queen Tombola
Succeeded Queen Andrianaginarivo, but abdicated soon after.

Circa 1778-1808 Queen Ravahiny
She succeeded QUeen Tombola.

1808-circa 22 Queen Tsimalomo
She was opposed by Princess Maka Andrianaresy in 1808. Boina became tributary to Madagascar circa 1820

1808 Pretender Maka Andrianaresy
In opposition to
Queen Tsimalomo

1828-29 and 1832-36 Regent Queen Oantitsy
First for King Andriantsoly (1822-32) and then for her daughter, Queen Tsiomeko 

1836-40 Queen Regant Tsiomeko
In 1839 she sought refuge in Nosy, which was part the Sakalava kingdom of Boina, during the time of the domination of the Merina (Madagascar). Tsiomeko then requested protection from France and the following year, the Admiral de Hell and the Sakalava Kings signed a protectorate. The Kingdom was incorporated into Madagascar in 1840. She lived (circa 1828-1843).

1965- Titular Ampanjaka Soazara of the Sakalava bemihisatra d'Analalava 
Reine Soazara was Great-granddaughter of Queen Tsiomeko (1836-40) and head of the Kamany-Dynasty that still rules the Menabe. And she governs the Boina population at the Northern tip of the Sakalava territory. She still retains an important place in the tradition and respect of customs and habits. And despite modernisation and the exodus of her subjects to the centre of the country, she maintains an important traditional authority, all the more so because the area is isolated.


1520-30 Queen Regnant Rangitamanjakatrimovavy
Also known as Rangita, she was succeeded by her daughter, Rafohy.


1530–40 Queen Regnant Rafohy

Daughter of Queen Rangitamanjakatrimovavy of Rangita



After 1732-.. Queen Regnant Ramanandrianjaka II Ravorombato
Daughter of Princess Rabodofilankanina, daughter of King Andriamananimerina I of Imarovatana, and expelled her uncle, king Andriantomponimerina II (ruled from 1732). Her second husband was Rabezaka, of Anosinimerina, of the Andriamasinavalona caste of nobility and she was mother of 4 sons and 4 daughters.

1858-1860-? Regent Princess Narova of Menabe
In charge of the government during the minority of her nepew, Toera after the death of her brother, King Taragny Vignay. She signed a treaty with the French accepting the protectorate in 1860.

After 1897 Queen Bibiasa
Apparently took over the government when King
Ampanjaka Toera was beheaded by the French.

Circa 2004- Titular Reigning Princess Georgette Kamamy of Menabe
Possibly her title is Queen. She is head of the local tribe and presides over the traditional ceremonies.

Tamatave or Betsimisaraka at the Île de Sainte-Marie

1750-54 Queen Regnant Bety
In the end of the 17th and the beginning 18th centuries, the Island of Saint Marie was frequented by numerous pirates, who had good relations with the local population. Ratsimilaho was son of the English pirate, Thomas Tew White and a daughter of a local chief, set up his own kingdom. After a rule of 30 years he was succeeded by his daughter, Bety or Betty, who married the French pirate Jean Onésime Filet - known as Zanahary. In 1754 her mother, Mamadion, had the French administrator Gosse killed and the rest of the French massacred, because he had profaned the grave of her husband. Bety was blamed, and sent in exile at the Ile de France (Mauritius), where she died. Her husband remained in power until 1767. She (d. 1872).


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