Switzerland Substates

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Switzerland Substates

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Neûchatel (Neuburg)

1373-94 Joint Sovereign Countess Isabelle of Neuchâtel
1375-94 Sovereign Countess of Neuchâtel and Cerlier, Dame de Vercel, Genz, Dandans, Flangebouche, Vernier-Fontaines, Baclains, Ballaigue,de Vuillafans-le-Neuf, de la garde du Val de Morteau, Vannes, Balm, de Lugnorre, Jorissens and Provence
When her father, Louis I de Neuchatel died, she inherited his possessions, jointly with her sister, Varenne, but she managed to take over the whole county. Since she did not have any children with her two husbands: Count Rodolphe IV de Nidau and Jacques de Vergy, seigneur d'Autrey, she was succeeded by her nephew, son of her sister Varenne. She lived (circa 1535-93)

1373-75 Joint Soverign Countess Varenne of Neuchâtel
1373-80 Baroness du Landeron
Inherited the county jointly with her sister, who managed to take over most of the territory after a few years. whose son, Conrad IV de Fribourg, called "de Furstemberg", inherited the county. Her daughter, Anna von Freiburg (1374-1427) was married to Rudolf III Von Baden-Hachberg von Zähringen and their grandson, Rodolphe IV de Hochberg, became Count of Neuchatel in 1458. She lived (1359 - 1380)1503-05 and 1529-43 Countess Regnant Jeanne de Hochberg
She succeeded father,
Philip, count of Baden-Hochberg-Sausenberg, and married to Louis d'Orleans

1573-1601 Regent Dowager Countess Marie de Bourbon
For the counts Henri I and Henri II. She was Reigning Countess de St. Pol from 1546.

1672-74, 1679-82 and 1694-1707 Sovereign Princess Marie d'Orleans-Longeville
Also Duchess de Nemours. She lived (1625-1707)

1674-79 Sovereign Princess Anne Genevière de Bourbon-Condé

 Vaud (Waadt)

1248-59 Baroness Catharine de Savoie of Vaud
Daughter of Baron
Ludwig II. de Savoia of Waadt/Vaud and Isabella de Chalon. First married to Lord Azzo I. Visconti of Milano, Raoul II de Brienne, Comte d'Eu, and Connetable of France, who was executed in 1351, and finally to Count Guillaume de Dampierre-Namur. In 1359 she sold the Barony and the Lordhips of Nyon, Rolles, Morges, Yverdon, Moudon, Echellens, Volouz, Romont and Rye to Savoy She had three children by her third husband, and lived (circa 1315-88).



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