Uganda Substates

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Uganda Substates
(Female Suffrage 1962) Became independent in 1962 after 70 years of British rule, a republic 1963

Also see Uganda Heads  

17../18.. The Omukama (Queen Mother) of The Bashambo Dynasty in Mpororo

Before 1750 Queen Masamba Omubitokati of Bunyoro-Kitara

Around 1800 The Omukama of Nshenyi  


1365-90 Queen Regnant Nyilak
Succeed her father, king Kyebambe (circa 1330-65), as ruler of the kingdom in montainous Alur Region  She married Opodhu and mother of Nyipir (Giipir) (1390-1450).

Kingdom of Ankole

1839-73 Queen Mother Kiboga
Mother of the 23rd Mugabe Mutambuka

1839-73 Queen Sister Kagaga
Sister of the 23rd Mugabe Mutambuka

1875-95 Queen Sister Magmende

Kingdom of Buganda  

Around 1300 Chiefess Nang'oma of Bululi
She was daughter of Kabaka Kato Kintu Kakulukuku, who founded the kingdom of Buganda around 1300.


1554-55 Regent Dowager Abakyala Nannono
The seventh wife of Kabaka Nakibinge Kagali, she acted as regent for 8 months after his death, pending the birth of her posthumous child, but when it showed out to be a daughter (Nono), her stepson, Kabaka Mulondo Sekaja, was elected king. She was daughter of Seggirinya, of the Dgo clan.

Until 1881 Chief Advisor, Nalinya Princess Lwantale of Buganda (Uganda)
The daughter of  Siribatwalira, she was Nalinya (Queen-Sister) to Kabaka Suna
II (1856-84) until her death in 1881.

1884-88 Chief Advisor, Nalinya and The Lubuga Princess Rebeca Mugale
She was Queen-Sister and chief-advisor to her brother Mwanga II.

1888-92  Chief Advisor, Nalinya Princess Damali Nkinzi Nawati of Buganda (Uganda)
The daughter of Bulya I, she was installed as Queen-Sister to her brother Mwanga II. She was married to The Hon Semei Lwakilenzi Kakungulu, Kabaka of   Bukedi, and (d. 1892)

1892-92 Chief Advisor, Nalinya  Princess E S Nakalema
She was installed as Nalinya to her brother Mwanga II. She lived (1870-1928)

1894-97 Chief Advisor, Nalinya Princess Nabweteme of Buganda (Uganda) 
The daughter of Nakasolya, she was installed as Nalinya to her brother Mwanga II, She lived (circa 1865-97)

1897... Chief Advisor, Nalinya Princess Yuniya Maliamu Kamuwanda
Queen-Sister  to Daudi Chwa II. She lived (1897- 1951)

..... Chief Advisor, Nalinya Princess Margaret Lwantale
Queen-Sister  to her brother Mutesa II.

1939-53 Chief Advisor, Nalinya Princess Alice Zalwango
Queen-Sister to her brother Mutesa II, and lived (1914-53)

1953-  Chief Advisor, Princess Victoria Mpologma
Installed as Queen-Sister to her brother Mutesa II upon the death of her sister.

(1980s-? Co-regent The Nalinga (Queen-Mother) Mary Nakamanya)

Circa 1997- Cabinet Minister Owek. Muky. Joyce Ssebuggwawo
Also member of the Interim Lukiiko, Parliament of Buganda

Circa 1997- Minister of State Owek. Victoria Sserunjogi
Also member of the Interim Lukiiko, Parliament of Buganda

Circa 1997- Minister of State Owek. Hajjati Sarah Baagalaaliwo
Also member of the Interim Lukiiko, Parliament of Buganda


1966-72 Joint Regent HRH Queen Mother Nyamusinga Christine Mukirania
Member of the Advisory Committee of the King's Council from 1989.

Kingdom of Tooro
The Batebe (Queen-Siste) is the king’s chief advisor

1891 Chief Advisor, Batebe Princess (Akiiki) Mukakiyabra Maliza Bagaya Rurigirwa 
Queen-Sister to her brother Kyebambe IV.

1900-61 Chief Advisor, Batebe Princess (Akiiki) Ruth Komuntale Keesi Bahindi 
1929-61 Rubuga
She was appointed to both positions by brother King Omukama Rudiki III. In 1961 she became Omujwera Butebi.

1965-98 Queen-Mother Kezia Byanjeru Rukidi Abwooli
She was married to Rukidi III (1904-28-65) and lived (1906-98).

1966-95 Chief Advisor, Batebe Hon. Princess (Akiiki) Elizabeth Rukidi Nyabongo
1995- Babiito
(Royal Clan Head)
1995- Guardian

Ambassador-at-Large 1969-1973, to Egypt and Ethiopia1973-74, at United Nations 1974, 1974 Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Spokesperson for Yoweri Museveni (Guerilla-Leader and President) 1980, ambassador to USA 1988-89. In 1989 she refused to be transferred to France. She is daughter    of King/Omukama Sir George David Kamurasi Rukidi III of Toro (1927-65). When the kingdom was abolished she was known as Miss E. Bagaya. She later married to Mr. Ngabango (Deciesed 1988). When her brother was reinstalled as king Patric Olimmi Kaboyo II in 1993,she became his Batebe, chief advisor. He died in 1995 and was succeeded by his three years old son Iguru IV under the regency of the President of Uganda
, and Elizabeth is one of his guardians. (b. 1940-)

1996- Chief Advisor, Batebe Princess Akiiki Nsemere Komuntale
For brother king Rukidi IV (1992-95-). (b. 1989-)

1996- Queen Mother Best Kemigisa
2010- Regent
She was one of the guardians of her son, King Iguru IV (b. 1993-), and later regent during his studies in the United Kingdom (1967-)




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