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Italy Heads of State

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14-29 Co-regent Augusta Livia
Together with son, emperor Tiberius, adopted son of her husband Augustus. She lived B.C. 57-AD 29)

54-56 Regent Augusta Iulia Agrippina of the Roman Impire

193-217 Julia Domna 

218-222 (†) Joint De-facto Ruler Iulia Soaemias Bassiana of the Roman Empire
She plotted together with her mother, Julia Maesa, to substitute the ursurpor, Macrinus by her son Varius Avitus Bassianus (Heliogabalus) (203-218-222). As the emperor's mother, with the title Iulia Soaemias Augusta, she played a great role in government and administration and was infact the de facto ruler of Rome, since her son was concerned mainly with religious matters. Their rule was not popular and soon discontent arose. Julia Soaemias and Heliogabalus were killed by the Praetorian Guard in 222, and she was declared public enemy and her name erased from all records. She lived (circa 180-222).

218-222 Joint De-facto Ruler Iulia Maesa of the Roman Empire
222-225/26 (†) Joint Regent of the Roman Empire
First she plotted together with her daughter, Julia Soaemias Bassiana to have her grandson Elagabaleus placed on the throne and later she was joint regent with her other daughter, Julia Masaea and her son, Alexander Servus. She was closely related to the Imperial family and grew up in Syria.

222-228 (†) Regent Dowager Empress Iulia Mamaea of the Roman Empire
She was behind the plot that ousted her sister, Julia Soaemias Bassiana, and her son and had her infant son, son Alexander Servus, placed on the throne. She ruled together her mother, Julia Mamesa and 16 senatorsm but as they were unable to defend the empire from the attacking Germans, the Army killed both her and her son.

238-41 Regent N.N.of the Roman Empire
For Gordianus III

268-270/271 Politically Influential Augusta Victoria in the Gallic Empire
Also known as Victorina or Vitruvia she was a wealthy noblewoman. It was due to her influence that her son, Marcus Piavonius Victorinus I, was cosen as a Co-Consul to Postumus about the 265. 3 years later her son was declared emperor by the troops in the Gallic Empire (in Latin Imperium Galliarum) - the independent realm that existed 260-274, consisting of the breakaway Roman provinces of Gaul, Britannia, and Hispania. She had considerable influence over him at times. Victorinus was murdered in 270 or early 271 by Attitianus, one of his officers, whose wife he had supposedly seduced. She continued to hold power after the death of Victorinus and she arranged for his deification and, after considerable payment to the troops, the appointment of Tetricus I as his successor. She adopted by the Roman Empresses after Faustina the Younger. According to “Historia Augusta” she even minted coins in her name. She died soon after Tetricus' accession.

275 Regent Dowager Empress Ulipia Serverina of Roman Empire (March-September)
She reigned alone after her husband, Aurelianus' death. 

375-83 Co-Ruler Dowager Empress Iustiana of the Roman Empire
383-? Regent
Joint ruler with son Gratianus and regent for Valentianus II (383-92)

423-40 Regent Dowager Empress Galla Placidia of the Roman Empire
She lived (388-450).

526-34 Regent Princess Amalasuentha of the Ostrotoths
534-35 Co-Reigning Queen 

590 Reigning Dowager Queen Theodolina of the Lombards
615-25 Regent of the Lombards
She was co-ruler with husbands, king Autharis (584-90) and Agilulf (591-615) and regent for son King Adololdo of the Lombards or Langobards, who was deposed by her son-in-law. is of great significance in Western culture. She exerted much influence in restoring Athanasian Christianity - the ancestor of modern Roman Catholicism - to a position of primacy in Italy against it's rival, Arian Christianity. With a stable base in Italy thereafter, the Papacy could begin subduing those it regarded as heretics elsewhere.
894 Regent Dowager Queen Ageltrudes of Italy
For Berengar I (888-894-923)

1979-92 3rd Deputy Head of State, President of the Chamber of Deputies Prof.ssa. (Leo)Nilde Iotti
Vice-President of the Chamber 1972-79. She lived (1926-99)

1994-96 3rd Deputy Head of State, President of the Chamber of Deputies On. Irene Pivetti         
(b. 1964-)


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