Kingdom of England

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Kingdom of England

1196-1261 Countess and Sheriff of Salisbury Ela d'Evereux Longspee
1226-28 and 1131-36 Countess of Wiltshire
1240-57 Abbess of Lacock
The daughter of
William d'Everux, Earl of Salisbury, she was married to William Longspee, Earl of Salisbury (d. 1226), natural son of Henry II. She lived (1187-1261)

1216-18 Sheriff of Lincolnshire Lady Nicola de la Hay
Appointed Sheriff by Prince John and King Henry III together with Phillip Mar of Nottingham. She was married to Gerad de Camville and succeeded her father as Lady de la Hay. She lived (circa 1160-ca.1218)

1338-77 Lord Marshall of England, Margaret of Norflolk
Jointly with the Lord High Constable she headed the College of Arms, the body concerned with all matters of genealogy and heraldry, although the Earl Marshall's connection with heraldry came about almost accidentally. In conjunction with the Lord High Constable he had held a court, known as the Court of Chivalry, for the administration of justice in accordance with the law of arms, which was concerned with many subjects relating to military matters, such as ransom, booty and soldiers' wages, and including the misuse of armorial bearings. The Marshall, as eighth Officer of State, has to organise coronations and the State Opening of Parliament.

1643-76 Hereditary High Sheriff Lady Anne Clifford of Westmoreland 


Counties in England

1361-69 Heiress to the Palatinate of Lancaster Blanche of Grosmont
At the time of the death of her father, Henry of Grosmont, 1st Duke of Lancaster, she received half of his lands, her husband and cousin, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Derby, Earl of Lincoln and Earl of Leicester. The influence associated with the titles would lead him to become Lord High Steward of England, and they became distinction the greatest landowner in the north of England. Her her elder sister, Maud, Countess of Leicester, inherited the other half of their father's land and after her death, it was reunited with John, whose second wife was the titular Queen Constanza of Castilla. Blanche died of Bubonic plague and lived  (.1345-69)

1399- 1438 Anne of Woodstock, Countess of Buckingham, Hereford and Northampton,
Her father, Thomas, Duke of Gloucester and Earl of Buckingham  was murdered in 1397  and his brother, Humphrey de Bohun, Duke of Glouceste, died in 1399, and she inherited the lands and titles of the family and became a Countess in her owh right. She was first married to  Thomas, 3rd Earl of Stafford (d..1392), secondly to  Edmund, 5th Earl of Stafford (d. 1403) and third to  Sir William Bourchier, Comte d'Eu (d. .1420). Succeeded by son,  Humphrey Stafford, earl of Stafford, who in 1444 was created duke of Buckingham. She lived (1383-1438)



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