Albania Heads of State

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Female Albania Heads of State

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BC. 231-28 Dowager Queen Teuta of Arcliano (Illyrian State)
She was co-ruler with her husband, Agron, who
died in 230 BC. and thereafter regent for her underage son, Pinnes.

BC. 19

1296-circa 1313 Regent Dowager Despina Anna Palailologina-Kantakuzena of Arta (Epiros)
Widow of Jean of Thessalonica and niece of Emperor Michael VII of Byzanz 

1332-33 Princess Catharine de Valois of Albania
Also Titular Empress of Constantinople etc.  

1335-40 Regent Dowager Despina Anna Palailologina  
Poisoned her husband Jean Orsini (1323) and ruled together with son Nikephoros II 

1385-91 Reigning Dowager Despotess Komina Musaki of Valona (Vlora)
She was Princess Consort of Zeta (in today's Montenegro) until 1380 when she got divorced from Balsa II of Zeta. After his death she succeeded him In the southern parts of the country (nowadays Northern Albania) From 1387 as a Osman Turkish vassal. When her daughter, Rudjina married she retired to a convent in Ksenija.

1382 Heiress Elena Preliubowna of the Lordships of Vela, Drynopolis and Vagenetzia
Married to
Ghin Bua Spatas Lanza, Despot of Angelokastron and Acheloos, Lord of Arta 1375, Lord of Lepanto, Despot of Arta and Lepanto

1385-94 Dowager Despina Maria Angelina of Ioania 

1392-94 Despina Elena Topia of Kruja
She was deposed by the Osman Turks. (d. 1410) 

1396-1420 Sovereign Despina
Rudjina Balsha of Kanina, Lady of Valona
1414-17 Dowager Despotess of Valona and Kanina
Also known by the titles of kraljica (Slavic), Quin (Albanian) or Regina (Latin), she was daughter of Balsa II Balsic (Balshic), Lord of Zeta and Durazzo, who was killed in 1385, and  Domnina Asen Komnenos, Despotess of Valona. Married to Merxa Zarkovic in 1391 and became despotess-consort of the state after her mother retired. In 1417 her lands were conquered by the Osman Turks. (d. after 1421)

1419 Lady Anna "Kyrianna" of Grabossa
She was daughter of Ghin Zenevisi, Lord of Makasi, Sevastocrator of Argyrokastron and Paracolo, Lord of Vagenetzia and Strovilo and Despot of Joannina and married to Andrea III Musachi

1446/47 Dowager Lady of Dagno Danj 
The Lordship was also known as Dagno or Danja. In 1444 Gjergji Skanderbeg liberated parts of Albaniens and united the Albanian Princes in the "Liga of Lezha" in the fight against the Ottoman Turks, but 1448 the city and lordship was lost.

Circa 1967-75 Member of the Council of State Vito Karpo

1976-82 Member of the Council of State Naunka Bozo

1976-82 Member of the Council of State Zina Franja

1980-91 Member of the Council of State  Marije Temali 

1980-92 Member of the Council of State Lumitri Rexha


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