Taiwan Heads

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Heads of State of Taiwan/ Republic of China on Taiwan/ Chung-hua Min-kuo
(Female suffrage 1949) Established by the Nationalist Forces on the Island, and was a member of the United Nations 1949-72 in the seat of "The Republic of China", which was afterwards taken over by Communist China

Also see Taiwan Ministers

1981-1992 Deputy Head of State, Chairperson of the Presidium of  the National Assembly Yeh Chin-feng
Since 1988 Member of the Central Committee, Kuomintang, 1992-96 Vice-Chairperson of the Mainland Affairs Committee of the Executive Yuan, 1996-2000 Minister of State, 1996-97 Minister without Portfolio, 1997-98 Minister of the Interior, 1998-99 Chairperson of the Mainland Affairs Committee, 1999-2000 Minister of Justice. As Chairperson of the National Assembly she ranked second in the hierarchy of the state after the President.  (b. 1943-)

2000-08 Vice-President Annette Lü Hsiu-Lien
Political Prisoner 1979-85, exile in USA until 1992 when she was elected to Taiwans Legislative Yuan, 1996-97 National Policy Advisor of the President, County Magistrate in Taoyan County 1997-2000 and
Acting Chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party 2005-06.  In the first stage of the primary elections in May 2007, she finished last of the candidates with 6% of the wote. (b. 1944-)

2005 Deputy Head of State, Chairperson of the Presidium of the National Assembly Yeh Chu Lan
Deputy Convener of DPP Caucus in Legislative Yuan 1992 and General Convener 1995, 2000-02 Minister of  State and Minister of Transport and Communication (Third in Cabinet). 2002-04 Minister and Chairperson of the Council for Hakka Affairs, Vice-Premier 2004, Minister of the Council for Economic Planning and Development 2004 and Minister of Consumer Protection 2004-05. (b. 1949-).


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