Congo Heads

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Congo Female Heads of State
The territory today is divided into two republics, the Democratic Republic (Congo-Kinshasa) and the Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville)

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18 Queen Tembo


Circa 490 Queen Lobamba

Circa 575 Queen Gokadi (Ngokay)

Circa 950 Queen Gokare


From The 15 th century until the 19th century the Queen (Lukokesha) was co-ruler with the king - (mwata yamvo). They were not married. She had her own court and seperate income from the provinces. The Lukokesha chose the king.

Circa 1590-1660 Mwan and Yau (Chief) Luedij Rweej of Lunda


1875-1926 Chief Advisor Queen Nenzima
She was chief advisor of four kings, among others her husband, Chief Okondo of Mangbetu, who ruled the territory in Northern Congo (now Democratic Republic of Congo) until 1915. Nenzima lived (circa 1840-1926). 



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