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Syria Heads of State

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BCE 811-806 Regent Queen Dowager Sammuramăt of Assyria
Regent for son Adad-nirai III and might have continued as his co-ruler or they ruled different parts of the kingdom until 787/783. She was legendary for her efficient rule, where she managed to expand the kingdom. She lived (circa 844-787/783)

BCE 253 Princess Laodike III of Egypt of Propontis
She was married to brother or cousin, King Antiochiaos II of Syria, after their divorce, she became Lady of Propontis. 

BCE 246 Regent Dowager Queen Berenice Syria
She was called Berenice Syra. She was the daughter of Ptolemy II of Egypt, and her marriage in 252 to Antiochus II marked a temporary cessation in the wars between the Egyptian monarchs and the Seleucids. After the death of her husband she was regent and her army conquered Soloia in Cilicia, but Laodice, the king’s divorced first wife, had Berenice and her infant son killed before her brother, Ptolemy III, could arrive. New war resulted.

BCE 194 Co-Reigning Queen Stratonike of Assyria
Her former husband Seleuklos left the throne and her to his son, Antiochiaos I, her stepson. 
BCE 150-125 De-facto Ruler Queen Cleopatra Thea of Syria
BCE 125-121 Queen Regnant
Her husband Demetrius was weak and she was the de-facto ruler. After his death she ruled in her own right, having her other claimants to the throne killed. Her son, Antiochiaus VIII Grypus (121-96) was co-ruler only in name. But in 121 Cleopatra offers a cup of wine to Antiochiaus when he has returned from the hunt. He insists she drink the wine. She drinks, and dies.

BCE 153 Queen-Candidate Laodike IX of Syria
The Daughter of Antiochiaes IV, she was presented in the Roman senate as rival to the throne against Demetrios I

2006- 2. Vice-President Dr. Naja Al-Attar
Minister of Culture 1976-2000 and of National Guidance 1994-2000.



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