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Substates of Bangladesh

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1740-91 Rani Bhawani of the Natore Rajbari Zamindari
In charge of the huge estate after the death of her husband and some aspects of the local administration. The landed estate of Natore was formed in the early 18th century through grants from Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, the near-independent diwan of Bengal. This palace, approached through a long avenue fringed on either side with palm trees, was the centre of the Natore zamindari.

1865-86 Maharani Saratsundari Devi of The Panchani Estate of the Puthia Raj (Dighapatia Rajbari)
At the age of 13
, she assumed the responsibility of the Panchani estate after the death of her husband, Jogendra Narayana, through 9 years. She conducted its affairs with skill and reputation, promoted learning and public works. The government ennobled her with the title of Rani in 1874 and of Maharani in 1877. Saratsundari died at Kashi when she was only thirty-seven years old. 9 years after her death, her daughter-in-law, Rani hemantakumari devi, built a new castle in her honour - the Puthia Rajbari. The estate existed the abolition of the zamindari system in 1950. She lived (1849-1886)


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