Myanmar Substates

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Substates of 
Burma-Myanmar/Union of Myanmar/ Pyidaungsu Myanmar Naingandaw (Renamed by the military dictatorship from Burma 1989)

Also see Myanmar Ministers

Around 300 B.C. Queen Kuwerami of the Waytharly Kingdom

1127-52 Queen Nag Ye Hkam Leng of Möng Mao

Circa 1450 and from 1484 Regent Dowager Queen Nang Han Lung of Möng Mint

1453-71 Queen Shin Saw Pu of Mons (Bartaban)
Also known as Byih-nya Daw  or Shengtsambu and was leader of a Thai-Lao people in the area of Shan until her abdication. Married to four successive kings and de-facto ruler. Died 79 years old.

1454-72 Queen Phwar Saw of the Bango/ Hantharwaddy Dynasty
Daughter of Yazar Darit, King before 1423.

1615-16 Regent Dowager Queen Nang Nawn Pe of Yawng Hwe

1640-? Queen P’a of Mo-hnyin / Möngyang (Mohnyin)
She was head of the Tai-people

1680-83 Queen of Lai Hka / Laihka (Legya)

1843-? Queen Mi Thit of Pangtara (Pindara)
Succeeded brother

184? Queen Mi Sit of Pangtara (Pindara)
Succeeded sister

1866-68 Queen of Lai Hka = 1866-68 The Kambawsa Rahta Mahawunths Thiri Thudamaraza of Laihka (Legya)

1873-76 Regent Dowager Princess Nang Li of Möngsit (Maingseik)

1886 Regent Dowager Princess Mi Thaung of Yengan (Ywangan)
She held power for 10 days.

1894-98 Princess Ma Pu of Zingalein-Kanti (Singaling Hkamti)

1903-04 Regent The Dowager Princess of Hopong (Hopon)
Regent for Hkun Law (1895-1900-1952-?)

1905-Circa 1914 Regent Dowager Princess Sao Nang Tid Hti La of Kenghkam (Kyaingkan)


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