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Female Heads of Chile Substates

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Easter Island/Isla de Pascua/ Papa Nui
After the contact with the western civilization around 1862 most of the island's population died or was killed. In1877 there was around 111 inhabitants. In 1888 the island was incorporated into Chile and from 1965 it has had its own civilian governor but is administered as part of one of the Regions in Chile

1868-ca.69 Paramount Chief 'ariui henua Koreto Puakurunga

Circa 1869-88  Paramount Chief 'ariui henua Carolina

1899-1946 Paramount Chief 'ariui henua Eva Ko Uka 'a Hei 'a 'Arero
Another version of her name is Eva kouka'a Hei'a 'Arero. (d. 17.3.46)

2000-01 Intendent Josefina Bilbao, Region V  of Valparadíso (Including Isla de Pascua and Isla Sala y Gomes
The Island has its own provincial governor.

2000-02 Intendent Nelda Panicucci Bianchi, Region XII  of Magallanes and Antártica Chilena
The territory of Antarctic has its own governor. The Chilean claim of parts of Antarctica is not recognized by among others USA.

Adelantado originally a Governor-like military who represented the Kings of Castile, and from the reign of Ferdinand III until well into the 17th century they also held administrative powers over specific provinces and districts

1576.... Adelantada Juana de Zárate of Corrientes, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires
After the death of her father, Juan Ortiz de Zárate, Adelanto (Governor), founder of the City of Sant Fe and Buenos Aires, she inherited the estates of the family and apparently she was named Adelantado of Chile by Emperor Charles V. She was married to Juan de Torres de Vera y Aragón, who became Governor in 1578, and mother of Juan Alonso de Vera y Zárate. Apparently her mother was the Inca Princess, Leonor Yupanqui, daughter of Tupac-Hupalla (Originally Auqui Huallpa Tupac) puppet-emperor in 1533.


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