Comoro Islands Heads

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Female Heads of
State of the
Comoro Islands (Female Suffrage 1947/56) Independent from France 1975

Also see Comoro Islands Ministers

Badgini (Bajini)

Around 1884 Sultan Mzade Badgini binti Munké Mwembwani
She succeeded Umam wa Dari, who reigned (1852-84) and was succeeded by Khadija.   

Circa 1884, 1884-8.. and 1887-ca.88 Sultan Khadija binti Mugné Mku
It is not clear what happened to her after Hachimu bin Mugne Mku seized power in 1885, After he had been driven out in 1887 she was first arrested but later reinstalled as Sultane by Saidi Ali of the Comoros and French. Later she is known to have been in exile in 1888 and to have joined Hachimu the following year. (d. 1889) 


18.. Mfahme Nyau wa Faume

Ma’yuta (Mayotte, today a French Possession)

1700-17.. Sultan Aisa
Succeeded by daughter, Sultan Monavo

17.. Sultan Monavo bint Mwinye Fani


1842-67 Sultan Jumbe Fatimah bint Abderremane/Reketaka Jombe Sudy
1871-78 Sultan
Jumbe Fatimah was deposed in 1867 but was reinstalled and ruled until her death.  She lived (1837-78)

1842-42 Regent Dowager Sultan Rovao
She was regent for daughter together with her second husband, Tsivandini

1888-89 Regent  Baila Juma Mwali

1888-1909 Sultan Salima Machamba bint Hamadi Makadara
1909-64 Head of the Royal Family
Daughter of Sultan Raketaka Djoumbe Fatima and Emile Fleuriot de Lange and married to Camille Paule (d. 1946). She never took office, lived in France trough all the years. In 1909 French annexed the Island in 1909 and “deposed” her.
She lived (1874-1964).

Ngazrdja/Grande Comores

17.. Sultan Nyau wa Faume

Nzwani (The Island of Anjouan)

1632/33 Sultan Alimah I

Circa 1676-circa 1711 Sultan Alimah II

1782-92 Sultan Alimah III
Also spelled as Halimah.



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