Ecuador Heads

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Heads of State of Ecuador
(Female Suffrage limited 1929/ all 1967) The former Kingdom of Quito was conquered by the Inchas of Peru by the end of the 15th century and formed the Spanish Vice-Royalty of Quito before becoming independent 1822

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1487-88 Queen Paccha of Ouito/Cara
She succeeded her father. Was married to Inca Huayan Capac of Peru (1475/93) and King of Quito (1488-1525)

1996-98 Vice-President Rosalia Arteaga Serrano de Córdova de Fernández
1997 Acting President and Head of the Cabinet
In 1986 she was a provincial governor, 1992-94 Vice-minister of Culture, 1994 Minister of Education and Culture, 1998 Presidential Candidate (b. 1956-)


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