Kazakstan Heads

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Heads of State of Kazakhstan/Qazaqstan RepublikasÔ Female Suffrage 1922)1731 part of the Russian Empire, which became Soviet Republic in 1922, independent 16.12.91
The Qara Khitai Empire covered parts of present dayís Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Mongolia.

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1170/72 Regent Dowager Sultan Turhan of Hwarizim Sahi
For Sultan Sah Abdíl Quasim Mahmud 1170/72 (deposed). Not Mongols

1170/72 Regent Dowager Khanum Turhan of Hwarizun Sahi

121?-18 Ruler Salbak Tarhan of Uiguristan

1257 Regent Dowager Khanum Boraqcin of Hwarizim Sahi
For Ulagci, the Khan of a Mongol tribe in West Turkestan, roughly covering present day Kazakhstan.

1932-37 Vice-Chairperson of the Executive Committee Maryam Tugambayeva
1937 Acting Chairperson
Марьям ТУГАМБАЕВА was Vice-Chairperson 1932-37, and acted jointly with Mikhail Ivanovich Us. Also known as Mariya Tuganbayeva, she lived (1907- 86).

1938 Acting Chairperson of the Executive Committee Kalima Amankulova
(b. 1915-).

1960-62 Acting Chairperson of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and Head of State Kapitalina Nikolayevna Kryukova,  (25.8-31.1)
Deputy Chairperson 1955-63

1988-89 Acting Chairperson of the Presidium and Head of State (25.8-31.1) Vera V. Sidorova


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