Easter Island

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Easter Island/Isla de Pascua/Rapa Nui

After the contact with the western civilization around 1862 most of the island's population died or was killed. In1877 there was around 111 inhabitants. In 1888 the island was incorporated into Chile and from 1965 it has had its own civilian governor but is administered as part of one of the Regions in Chile

1868-ca.69 Paramount Chief 'ariui henua Koreto Puakurunga

Circa 1869-88  Paramount Chief 'ariui henua Carolina

1899-1946 Paramount Chief 'ariui henua Eva kouka'a Hei'a 'Arero 
Before she died at at the age well over 100, she claimed that she was the daughter of the last chief Riroroko. This made her at least the heir apparent.  But other than some local respect she did not exercise any authority. (d. 17.3.46)

2000-01 Intendent Josefina Bilbao, Region V of Valparadíso (Including Isla de Pascua and Isla Sala y Gomes
The Island has its own provincial governor.

2006-10 Povincial Governor Melania Carolina Hotu Hey, Isla de Pascua  

2010- Provincial Governor Carmen Cardinali Paoa, Isla de Pascua


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