Panama Heads of State Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
República de Panamá
(Female suffrage 1941) Independent 1903 from Colombia

See also Panama Parliament

1982-88 Queen Rufina Santana of the Nasos
The post of monarch of the Indiginas Tribe is elective within the Santana-family. She was folllwed by her relative CÚsar and in 1998 by Tio Santana.

1999-2004 Executive Presidenta and Chief of the Government Mireya Elisa Moscoso Rodrígues (1.9.99-)
Since 1991 President of the Arnolfist Party, 1994 Presidential Candidate. She was married to President Rodrigues de Arias Madrid (1901-88) who was President of Panama 1940-41, 1949-51 and 1968. Married to Mr. Gruber 1991-97 and mother of an adopted a child. (b. 1946-)



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