Nauru Heads of State

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Head of State of Nauru/Naoero
(Female Suffrage 1966) 1888-1920 a German Colony, 1920 British Mandate-Territory under the League of Nations, from 1947 administered by Australia for the United Nations till its independence in 1968 as one of the World’s smallest nations with its 8 square miles and 8.000 inhabitants

There are 14 tribes in Nauru.

Around 1888-1915 Chieftainess Eigamoiya of the Eamwit tribe (Nauru)
She was head of one of the most powerful of the at that time 14 tribes in the Island. She was married to King Aweida, who was hief of the tribe at Boe. She stopped the Nauruan civil war in 1888 just before the German warship Eber, Arrived. She stood magnificently in front of both sides, waving a piece of pabric, and immeediately all firing of bullits from both sides ceased. She lived (1860-1915).

1996 Acting President Ruby Dediya Thoma (28.11)

Member of the legislature 1986-92 and 1995-97 and possibly Speaker of the Legislature sometime between 1987 and 1992 and Minister of Finance in 1996, appointed Acting President for a period of absence of the incumbent. (b. 1949-)


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