Monaco Heads

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Heads of State of Monaco/Principauté de Monaco
(Female Suffrage 1949/62)
Under French Protection since 1861, member of the United Nations 1993

Also see Monaco Ministers

1457-1515 Sovereign Dame Claudine Grimaldi
She succeeded father. Her
relative and husband Lambert Grimaldi d'Antibes was seigneur 1458-94 and sons Jean II 1494-1505 and Lucien 1505-23. She lived (1451-1515)

1457-58 Regent Dowager Dame Pome
lline Fregoso
She became regent for her granddaughter, Claudine, after the death of her son Catalano Grimaldi di Monaco, Signore di Monaco e Menton (1454-57). Her daughter-in-law, Blance del Caretto, died in 1458. Born as Pomellina Campo Fregoso to a Genoese family, she lived (1387/88-1468)

1731 Princess Regnant Louise-Hippolyte Grimaldi
Also Duchesse de Valentinois, Marquise des Baux, Comtesse de Carlades, Baronne de Buis, Dame de Saint-Rémy, Dame de
Matignon, Comtesse de Thorigny, Baronne de Saint-Lô, de la Luthumière et de Hambye, Duchesse d'Estouteville, de Mazarin et de Mayenne, Princesse de Château-Porcien, Comtesse de Ferrette, de Belfort, de Thann et de Rosemont, Baronne d'Altkirch, Dame d'Isenheim, Marquise de Chilly, Comtesse de Longjumeau, Baronne de Massy, Marquise de Guiscard
She died in childbed and her husband became James I until 1733 when he abdicated in favour of their son, Honoré III (1720-33-95). Louise-H. lived 1697-1731.

1919-44 Hereditary Princess Charlotte Grimaldi
Also Duchess of Valentinos. Born as daughter of Prince Louis of Monaco and his mistress. In 1919 she was legitimized and later married Pierre Comte de Polignac, created Prince of Monaco with the surname of Grimaldi. They divorced in 1930, Mother of Princess Antoniette and Prince Rainer in whoes favour she abdicated her rights to the succession of the throne in 1944. Five years later he succeeded her father. She lived (1898-1977)

Circa 2000-
04 Member of the Conseil de la Couronne Honorine Rouffignac-Cornaglia
The Council of the Crown is an advisory body which advises the Prince.

Circa 2003- Secretary of the Council of State Brigitte Grinda-Gambarini

Member of the Conseil de la Couronne Mireille Calmes-Benazet

2005- Herediaty Princess Caroline Grimaldi
She had been
Heiress Presumptive 1957-58 and 2002-05. The firstborn daughter of Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly she was first-in-line until the birth of her brother, prince Albert. After her father's death and her brother's accesion as Albert II, she became heir to the throne. She is married to Prince Ernst-August of Hannover and mother of four children. (b. 1957)

2006- Member of the Conseil de la Couronne Patricia Husson


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