Bosnia Heads of State

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Female Heads of State of Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Republika Bosne i Hercegovina
(Female Suffrage 1949) Formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Joined the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 1918, the later Yugoslavia, Independence 1992

Also see Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia-Herzegovina Ministers and Female Presidents of Unterstate Entities

Until 1314 Regent Dowager Duchess Jelisaveta Nemanjic
After 1283 she was married to ban Stjepan Kotroman (died in 1314) of Upper and Lower Bosnia. They had six children. Regent of Bosnia until Apr 1314, after which she fled with her son to Dubrovnik. The daughter of King Stefan Dragutin of Serbia and Katalin of Hungary, she lived (1270-1331).

1354-59 Regent Jelena Subica
She was regent for the ban (governor) Tvrtko I (1353-77/91), who succeeded her husband, Stjepan II Kotromanic, initially with his father, Prince Vladislav as regent. After his death she took over as regent.

1395-98 Reigning Queen Jelena Gruba
Her husband, Stephen Dabiša, had designated King Sigismund of Hungary, the husband of his relative, Queen Mary of Hungary, as his successor. The Bosnian nobility refuzed to recognize Sigismund as king and installed her as the new monarch. It was during her reign that the Bosnian nobility grew in power independently from the crown. Amongst them were the famous Dukes Sandalj Hranić and Hrvoje Vukčić and Prince Pavle Radenović that ruled their own demesnes independently from the Queen. Her demesne was a small territory in central Bosnia, while she lost the suzeiranity over the territories of Usora in the valley of the river of Sava. Though she lost some territory and control over nobility, Jelena's reign saw successful trade with the Republic of Dubrovnik.In 1398 she was replaced with Stephen Ostoja. It is unclear why she was replaced. It is possible that her brothers were gaining too much wealth and influence during her reign and the rest of the nobility didn't like it. She continued to reside at the court as queen dowager. Sources refer to her as the most serene and mighty lady Gruba. (d. after 1399).

1418-21 De-Facto Joint Ruler Dowager Queen Kujava
She married King Ostoja in 1399, shortly after he repudiated his first wife, Queen Vitača. He gained support of the noble family of Radenović by marrying her, as they were closely related to the new queen consort. When her husband was deposed in 1404, he left Bobovac and fled to Hungary, but she and her son remained in Bosnia whose crown was given to her brother-in-law, King Stephen Tvrtko II. Tvrtko II himself was deposed in 1409 when Kujava's her returned from exile and resumed the throne, at which point she became queen of Bosnia once again, but the marriage started falling apart in 1415. Prince Pavle Radenović, her brother or cousin [1], was killed in a plot set by her husband. Duke Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić died soon after, leaving behind a wealthy widow, Jelena Nelipčić. Her husband saw the opportunity and divorced her and married Duchess Jelena, who brought Hrvoje's lands into marriage. Three years later her ex-husband died and was succeeded by their son, Stephen Ostojić. She suddenly became very influential and powerful, de facto ruling along with her son. Her son's short reign wa marked by her conflicts with Queen Jelena. Their conflicts stopped in the summer of 1419, when her son imprisoned the dowager queen. Jelena died under mysterious circumstances in 1422. After her son died in 1421 she supported various pretenders to the Bosnian throne.

1463-78 Pretender Dowager Queen Katarina Vukic Kosaca of Bosnia-Serbia
When the kingdom was occupied by the Ottomans in 1461 her husband Stjepan Tomasevic (1461-63) was killed and her son and daughter brought up in the Islamic faith. She escaped and lived in exile in Rome where she died. As the legal representative of the Bosnian Kingdom, she left it to the Holy See. She lived (1424-78)

1991-92 Member of the Presidency Biljana Plavsic
1992 Member of the Presidency of the Serb republic of Bosnia i Hercegovina
1994-96 Vice-President of Srpska
1996-98  President of Srpska

1992-96 Member of the Presidency and Council of Minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina Tatjana Ljugic-Mijatovic
Ambassador to Austria and to UN in Vienna (Wien) from 1997

2007-11 President Borjana Kristo, Federation of Bosnia
2003-07 Minister of Justice of the Bosniak-Croat Federation an entity in The Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The former Vice-President of the Parliament, Spomenka Micic, was elected one of the 2 Vice-Presidents of Federation. 2010 she was candidate for the presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina. (b.  1961-).

2007-11 Vice-President of the Bosnian Federation Spomenka Micic
The former Vice-President of the Parliament she
was elected one of the 2 Vice-Presidents of the Bosniak-Croat Federation. (b. 1949-)


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