Austria Substates

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Female Heads of Austria Substates
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"Austrian Possessions"

1504-10 Sovereign Lady Beatrix Frankopani of Gyula and Hunyad etc. (Hungary), Wraschin Krapina, Medved, Rokonok, Lukavec, Urbovec, Seni, Novigrad etc. (Croatia) and possessions in Austria and Slovonia
She was the heiress of Vast lands in Croatia, and inherited the lands of her first husband, Duke Johannes Corvinicus, the son of King Matthias of Hungary. In 1509 she married Margrave Georg the Pious of Brandenburg-Ansbach with the stipulation that she was to remain in charge of her own lands and did not have to move to Germany. She probably died in childbed, and her husband inherited some of her lands. She lived (1480-1510).

County of Fürstenburg-Schweichnitz

1368-92 Countess Agnes von Habsburg von Fürstenburg-Schweichnitz
She succeeded husband Bolko II, and after her death the county went to Bohemia.

Lordship of Greiz, Hof, Regnitztal, Ronnenburg and Plauen

Around 1200-09 Hereditary Lady Bertha von Vohburg
She was daughter and heir of the Margrave of Vohburg. married Heinrich II der Reiche von Reuss Steward of Weida and Gera. Mother of Heinrich III and Heinrich IV. 

County of the Realm Honhenems (Reichsgrafschaft)

1759-65 Sovereign Countess of the Realm Maria Rebekka Josepha von Honhenems

Duchy of Kärnten

1318-63/69 Sovereign Countess Margaretha von Görtz und Tirol, Duchess of Kärnten
She was also Princess of Bohemia and known as "Die Maultasch". Married to Johan Heinrich von Böhmen von Tirol and von Mähren and afterwards to Ludwig V of Bavaria and Brandenburg. After the death of her son Meinhard in 1363, she gave to country to her daughter-in-law, Margaretha von Habsburg's family in Austria. Countess Margaretha lived (1318-63/69).

Duchy of Mödling

1246-69 Sovereign Duchess Gertrude von Babenberg
1248-51 Titular Duchess of Österreich and Styria
She inherited the Duchy from her uncle, Friederich II von Babenberg, and her husband; Herman VI of Baden was titular Duke 1248-50 and her son, Friederich I of Baden until 1251. But they were engaged in a war of succession with her aunt, Margarethe von Babenberg, never managed to establish themselves in the country and were rejected by the estates. In the end Margarethe's second husband Przemysl Ottokar II took control of the country. She was daughter of Agnes von Thüringen Heinrich (1208-28), the son of Duke Leopold VI (d. 1230) She was first married to Margrave Wladislaw of Moravia (d. 1247), Margrave Hermann VI von Baden (d. 1250) and Prince Roman of Halicz, Count of Novogrudok, whom she divorced in 1253. 1269 she was banned from Austria and moved to Meissen in Sachsen where she became the first Abbess of the Convent of Saint Claren Strusslitz. She was mother of a son and a daughter by her husband and one daughter by the second, and lived (1226-88).

County of Pfirt and Rougemont

1324-51 Sovereign Countess Johanna von Pfirt und Rougemont
Daughter of Count Ulrich III von Pfirt and Jeanne de Bourgogne, and the heiress of vast lands in Austria and thereby added to the wealth of her husband, Albrecht von Habsburg, Count of Pfirt, Duke of Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola and South Tyrol (1330-58). He suffered from reumathics and was partly paralyzed at times, and she was left in charge of the government at those occations and remained very influential. After 15 years of marriage, she gave birth to her first child at the age of 39 and had five other children in 1342, 1346, 1347, 1348 and died two weeks after giving birth to the last at the age of 51. She lived (1300-51).

Riegersburg in der Steiermark

1648-72 Reigning Lady Katharina Elisabeth Wechsler von Galler of (Austria)
Also known as Freifrau von Gallen, Herrin auf der Riegersburg and in the folklorist tradition as "Schlimme Lisl". She inherited the vast possessions of her family after the death of her uncle, Sigismund Wechsler, the last male member of the family. She has made a prenuptial agreement with her first husband, Freiherr Hans Wilhelm von Galler, that she would keep the right to determine over her own possessions, but they engaged in a dispute over the details of the agreement. After his death, she became the undisputed ruler of the territories. In 1660 Colonel Freiherr Detlef von Kapell, but he died in the battle against the Turkish in 1664. This marriage lead to a dispute with her only daughter, Regina Katharina, her son-in-law Freiherr Johann Ernst Graf von Purgstall and the Marshall of the Castle.  In 1666 she married the 25-year-old Hans Rudolf von Stadl, owner of the Castle of Kornberg, but she asked for a divorce 3 years later, but they came to an agreement, where she gave him one of her castles. She renovated the castle and rebuilt the economic foundations of the lands. In 1653 she was given the Patronage of the Pastorate of Regensburg, but the clerics did not recognize this right and they engaged in a long lasting battle, but again she entered into an agreement and gave up her rights in 1661 but was compensated economically. She was succeeded by dauther, and lived (circa 1607-72).

1672 Reigning Lady Regina Katharina von Galler von Purgstall of  Riegersburg in der Steiermark (Austria)
The daughter of Katharina Elisabeth Wechsler, Lady of Riegersburg 1648-72, and Lord Hans Wilhelm von Galler. She married Johann Ernst Graf von Purgstall, and the Lordship remained in the possession of this family until 1817, when the possessions was divided among 17 persons.
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Margravate of Steiermark

1164 Regent Dowager Margravine Kundigunde von Chamb-Vohburg
After the death of her husband, Ottokar III (1124-29-64) she was regent for son Otokar IV (1164-92), Margrave of Styria (Steiermark). Her husband was a member of the Marburg line of the Counts of Sponheim, he inherited parts of Lower Styria between the Drave and Save rivers in what is today Slovenia. He participated in the Second Crusade. Her son later became Duke and was the last of the Ottokar Line and the the territory was the inherited by the Barbenberg Dukes of Austria.

County of Tirol

1253 Heiress Adelheid von Tirol
Daughter of Graf Albert I. Her husband Meinhard von Görtz became Count of Tirol. She died (1275/79)

1455-58 and 1467 Regent Duchess Eleanor of Scotland of Tirol
She was in charge of the government during the absence of her husband, Archduke Sigismund von Habsburg of Autria and Tirol and became involved in his disputes with Nicholas of Cusa, then bishop of Brixen, for the control of the Eisack, Puster and Inn valleys. She translated The History of the King's Son of Galicia, named Pontus, and the beautiful Sydonia (Pontus and Sidonia) from French to German. She was daughter of James I, King of Scots and Joan Beaufort, who was regent of Scotland 1437-45. Eleanor had no children and lived (1433-1480).

1632-44 Countess Regnant Claudia de' Medici of Tirol und Voralberg
Perhaps regent for Ferdinand Karl von Habsburg (1633-62)

1665-75 Archduchess Regnant Clara Filicitas von Habsburg von Tirol and Voralberg
She was Daughter of Karl von Habsburg and Anna de’ Medici. Married to Leopold I. Mother of two daughters, Anna Maria Sophia (born and dead 1674) and Maria Josefa Klementina (1675-76).

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