Cambodia Heads of State

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Female Heads of State of Cambodia (Female Suffrage 1956)
Independent 1953, Kingdom till 1970 and from 1993, Republic 1970-93

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1688 Regent Queen Li of Samdach Brhat Bhagavathi Sri Parama Chakrapati Kshatriyi
Born as H.H. Princess (Brhat Anak Anga) Li, daughter of H.M. Brhat Bat Machas Brhat Dharmanath Prabhunatha Maha Upayuvaraja Parama Raja – also known as Paramaraja VIII. First married her halfbrother King Pramaraja IX, who was killed in 1672, and secondly married to nephew, King Jaya Jatha III. She was granted the the rank of Queen with the title of Samdach Brhat Bhagavathi Sri Parama Chakrapati Kshatriyi in 1688, when she acted as regent for husband.

1715 Regent Queen Brhat Maha Kshatriyi

Born as Princess Brhat Maha Kshatriyi, granted the title of Akka Maha Sri in 1700, she was elder daughter of King Jaya Jatha IV. Regent for husband…

1835-1841 and 1844-1845 H.M. Queen Ang Mey
Also known as
Queen Ba-cong-chua or Ksat Trey, she was proclaimed on the death of her father by the Vietnamese faction at court with the title of My-lam-quan-chua in January 1835. Deposed August 1840. Reinstated 1844, and again deposed by the Vietnamese and taken to Hue with her sisters, 1845. Allowed to return to Oudong after the cession of hostilities in 1847. She was married to a unknown man,
died in an accident after having lived (1815-74) 

1960-70 Ceremonial Head of State, Symbol, Incarnation and Representative of the Crown H.M. Queen Sisovath Monivong Kossomak Nearieath Serey Cathana (20.6.60-18.3.70)
In 1955 she was crowned with her husband King Norodom Suramit, with the title of Queen Sri Sisavtta Naradhama Kusumana Nariratta Sri Vadhana. Her husband had succeeded their son, Prince Norodom Sihanouk who in his turn had succeed her father as king in 1941. Sihanouk was Premier Minister 1955-60 Chief of State 1960-70, Head of Exile-Government 1982-1988, 1989-92, Head of State 1992-93 and King again 1993-2004. After her husband’s death, After her husband’s death she was officially nominated as Queen Regnant in the Crown Council, but instead her son became Head of State after a referendum, and during the swearing-in ceremony in the National Assembly he declared that "The Queen Kossomak incarnate and represent the Cambodian Dynasty". And afterwards she carried out the ceremonial duties connected to the monarchy, and was in effect Queen Regnant without reigning. She was the fifth daughter of King Sisovath Monivong and Queen Norodom Kantian, and in 1928 her father appointed her Somdetch Brat Raja Thad Kusumana Narirakshatri Angelica Angathidaraj Vera Varian Paramabanga Predicate Nariratta Vivadhana Maha Kshatriyi (the most lovely Princess, endowed with all the virtues, the first daughter of the King of the highest lineage, the most loved and greatest of Princesses, and the best Lady). In 1970 her son was deposed and she spend the rest of her life in exile in Beijing. She lived (1904-75).  

1956-60s Politically Influential Khieu Ponnary, Cambodia
Known as "Sister Number One", she played a key role in the development of the Khmer Rouge, and was head of the Cambodian national women's association during the period 1975-1979. She was the first Cambodian woman to get a high school degree and met met Pol Pot, also known as Saloth Sar, in 1951, during her studies in Paris.They married in 1956 and returned to Cambodia, where she helped him build his revolutionary ultra-communist movement, the Khmer Rouge. From the 1970s she suffered from dementia and mental ilness. Her sister Khieu Ieng Thirith was Minister in the government until 1982. Ponnary lived (1920-2003).


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