Denmark Honrofic Titles

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Danish Honorific Titles for women

Kammerdame means ChamberLady and is the equivalent to the male title of Kammerherre. The tasks are honorific - the Kammerdames accompany ambassadors to their audience with the Queen and have other tasks at court.

Hofjægermester means Master of the Royal Hunt and is a title bestowed on land-owners or landed gentry. 

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1997-2010 Kammerdame Lensgrevinde Susanne Wedel
After the death of her husband, Count Tido Wedel (1908-1982), she administered the Manors of Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg - among the biggest estates in Denmark- for her son until 2002. Her husband had inherited Frijsenborg from his mother, Inger
Krag-Juel-Vind-Frijs, who inherited the Fiefcounty of Frijsenborg in 1923, after her father Mogens. She married Fiefcount Julius Wedell til Wedellsborg and in 1958 the two estats were united. She was born as Baroness Raben-Levetzau, mother of twins, Bendt and Christiane born 1975, and lived (1932-2010).

1997- Hofjægermester Britta Caroc Schall Holberg, til Hagenskov
Owner of the Estate of Hagenskov. Former Vice-Mayor of Assens and Minister of the Interior and Agriculture and Liberal MP several times.

1997- Hofjægermester Anne Dorothea Agnete Tesdorph Carstenschiold, til Pandebjerg
Owner of the Estate of Pandebjerg

1998- Hofjægermester Charlotte Riegels Hjort, til Broksø
She later handed over the Estate of Broksø to her daughter C
athrine Riegels Gudbergsen.

2000- Kammerdame Carin Sigrid Eleonore von Haffner
She was Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Ingrid

2000- Kammerdame Davide Rostock-Jensen
She was Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Ingrid

2001-12 Kammerdame Anita van Hauen Garth-Grüner
Born Anita Beatrice Vøgg, she was Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Margrethe until she resigned in 2001 and lived (1937-2012)

2001-08 Kammerdame Komtesse Wava Kitty Armfelt
Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Margrethe 1955-2008,
she was daughter of Count Carl Magnus Mauritz Armfelt, who was Finnish military attaché in Stockholm and his second wife Inge Blechingberg, who married Ambassador Oscar Ludvig Oxholm, owner of Rosenfeldt Castle, inherited by her half-sister, Elsa Oxholm (1929-1991) in 1949 and now owned by her son, Oscar Oxholm Tillisch. Countess Armfelt was unmarried and lived (1925-2008).

2003- Kammerdame
Ulla Gorwetz Obel
Retired as Lady-in-waiting in 2003.

2005- Hofjægermester Barbara Mourier-Petersen, til Rugaard
Owner of the Estate of Rugaard

2008- Kammerdame Countess Helle Flamand Moltke
Her daughter by her first marriage, Caroline Heering, is the lady-in-waiting of Crown Princess Mary. Her second husband, Count Norman Moltke, died of cancer in 1988, and she administered the estates of Lystrup and Jomfruens Egede for her son, Joachim (b. 1988-). (b. 1947-)

2008- Hofjægermester Birgitte Dinesen, til Kragerup
2017- Kammerdame
Took over the estate in 1996. Her cousins, Anita Dinesen and Karin Dinesen, became Hofjægermester in 2013 and 2014.

Around 2008- Hofjægermester Silvia Holstein-Ledreborg Munro, til Ledreborg
2012- Kamerdame
Silvia Munro is daughter of Count Knud Holstein-Ledreborg and Princess Marie Gabrielle of Luxembourg and was married to Scottish noble-man
John Munro. Her aunt, Birgitte, married Prince Jacque de Bourbon-Parma and her sister, Lydia married Prince Eric de Bourbon-Parma. (b. 1958-).

2009- Kammerdame Anne Elisabeth Lütken, til Broholm Slot
Inherited the castle from her mother Birgitte Sehested and John Grice in 2001 and still manages it after she sold it to her son, Anders Sehested Hjerl-Hansen in 2008.

2011- Kammerdame Camilla Castenskiold
Lady in waiting to the Queen 1991-2011.

2012- Kammerdame Lena Francke von Lüttichau
Former Lady-in-waiting

2013- Hofjægermester Anita Dinesen Halbyer, til Høvdingsgaard
Anita Halbye took over the estate from her mother, Karen Marie Lystrup gift Dinesen, who ovned it 1963-87.

2014- Hofjægermester Karin Dinesen, til Mullerupgaard
The sister of Anita Dinesen, she took over the estate in 1986. Her sister, Rikke Dinesen owns the estate of Skjørringe

2014- Hofjægermester Linnea Louise Treschow, til Gammel Kirstineberg
Owner of the estate from 2002. Her sister, Mille-Marie Treschow, is the 6th generation manager of the extensive consortium - Treschow Fritzøe - consisting of properties and forest as well as industry, trade, and other enterprises in Norway since 1986.

2015- Kammerdame Ane Mærsk Mc-Kinney Uggla
Followed her father as chair of A.P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation and the A.P. Møller Relief Foundation, which among others owns the worlds largest shipping compagny. (b. 1912-)

2015- Hofjægermester Susanne Groth Hovmand-Simonsen, til Knuthenlund
Susanne Hovmand took over the estate in 2006.

2015- Hofjægermester Christina Hou Holck, til Holckenhavn
She interited the estate in 1990 at the age of 16 from her father, Baron Iver Holck. (b. 1973-).


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