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Iraq Substates

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The Assyrian Nation 

1918-27 Joint Regent Lady Surma d'Mar Shimun
Acted as joint regent for nephewo Mar Paulus Shimun XXII, who died of tuberculosis 1920. In 1918 she was invited by British authorities to present the Assyrian question in London. Mar Paulus was succeeded by his brother, Mar Ishaia Shimun XXIII, (1908-76). The affairs of the Assyrian people and their Church were managed by Mar Yosip Khnanishoo, metropolitan of Rustaqa, and for a period, Mar Timotheos, metropolitan of India. In secular affairs, these two metropolitans were assisted by Lady Surma and her brother, Rab Khaila (General) David d'Mar Shimun, father of the Patriarch.

(Mesopotamian City State)

BCE 2500 Queen Ku-baba (Azag-bau)


775-809 Politically Influential Caliph-Consort Al-Haizuran
Also known as Khayzuran (literally, Bamboo) she was a slave, born most likely in Yemen, and gained substantial influence during the reigns of her husband, al-Mahdi (775-785), who allowed her to make many important royal decisions. After his death, it was Khayzuran who kept the peace by paying off the Caliph's army in order to maintain order. She arranged for the accession of her son, al-Hadi, even when he was away from the capitol. When al-Hadi proved less tolerant of Khayzuran's political maneuverings than had al-Mahdi, it was speculated that it was Khayzuran who arranged his murder in favour of her second, more tolerant son, Harun. Whatever the truth, Khayzuran is more fondly remembered than many of the caliphs themselves.

908-32 Politically Influential Shaghab
She succeeded in maneuvering the religious and military elite into recognizing her only 13 year old son, Muqtadir, as caliph. She had origially been a slave.

1410-11 Governor (and Sultan) Tandu
She succeeded her husband Shah Walad bin Ali, the Governor for the Caliph

Beni-Tamim Tribe

1994- De-facto leader and Sheika Safia al-Souhail
She is daughter of a powerful tribal sheikh - the chief of the Central Iraqi shi'ite tribe the Bani Tamim, and helped her father plan a coup against Hussein . When he was killed by Iraqi intelligence in Beirut in 1994, she became the tribe's political representative and de-facto leader, Sheikha, of the 1 million members of the tribe. She was an exile-leader and has returned to Iraq and is rather influential. In 2003 she was mentioned as a candidate for the governing council. (b. 1965-).

Markellashi in the Elam District

Circa 2459-2401 Governor
Daughter of King Dungi of Ur (2450-01)

Qara Quyünlü

1467 Princess Bigum Hatun
She was ruler of a Turkish Tribe in  Mesopotamia

Ur  (Mesopotamian City State)

BCE circa 2420 Queen Su-bad

Sumerian High Priestesses of the Moon-temple at Ur

Circa 2389 Lipusha 
Granddaughter of King Karam-sin

Circa 2334 Enheduanna
Daughter of King Sargon

Circa 2254-2218 Enmenanna
Daughter of High Priest Naram-sin

Circa 2168-54 Enannepadda
Daughter of King Ensi Ur-Baba of Lagas in the Kingdom of Agade/Akkad

2107-89 Enniragalanna
Daughter of Ur-nammu, High Priest of Ur

2089-41 Ennirzianna
Daughter of Silgi

2023-1999 N.N.
Daughter of king Ibbi-sin of Ur

Circa 2025-2001 High Priestess of Isin
Daughter of King Isbi-Irra of Larsa, a rival kingdom

Circa 1834-23 En-an-e-du
Daughter if King Warad-sin of Larsa



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