Algeria Heads of State Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of State Substates in Algeria

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1016-22 Regent of Ifriqiya/Ifriqiyah (Libya, Tunesia and Eastern Algeria)
In the first year as regent for her nephew, Muizz ibn Badis Al-Muizz (1016-62) there was a bloody revolt in Ifriqiya in which the Fatimid residence Al-Mansuriya was completely destroyed and 20.000 Shiites were massacred. The unrest forced a ceasefire in the conflict with the Hammadids of Algeria, and their independence was finally recognised in 1018. She was deposed by
Muizz. She was the daughter of al-Mansūr ibn Buluggin who ruled 984-995) and sister of Badis ibn Mansur who ruled in 995-1016.

1833-40 Ruler 'Aisha of Tuggurt
She was ruler of a Berber state in the south of the country

1854 Rebellion Leader Lalla Fatma n'Soumer of the Djurdjura
Her real name was Fatma Sid Ahmed. During a battle, led by Mohamed El Amdjed Ibn Abdelmalek (nicknamed Boubaghla), who almost gave the French troops the advantage, she, heading an army of men and women, took control and led her people to victory. Even after the fall of Azazga and the ferocious repression by Randon’s troops, she mobilized the population and led more battles. In 1857 during another fight she directed the fight and encouraged the volunteers who remained. The battle was lost and she was later imprisoned. She lived (1830-63).


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