Leshoto Heads
Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Kingdom of Lesotho/'Muso oa Lesotho
(Female Suffrage 1966)The former British Colony of Basutoland became an independent constitutional monarchy in 1966

Also see Lesotho Ministers

1941-60 Acting Paramount Chief The Mofumahali 'MaNtsebo Amalia 'Matsaba Sempe of Basutoland/Lesotho (28.1-12.3)
Her son, Moshoeshoe II, was King 1960-70, 1970-88 and 1990-96. She lived (1902-65)

1970 Regent Queen ‘MaMohato Thabita 'Masente Lerotholi Mojela of Lesotho (5.6-20.11)
1990 Regent, Queen (6.11-12.11)
1996 Regent The Mofumahali (Queen Mother) (15.1-7.2) (Known as Mamohato II)
In 1970 she was the regent for her son who was installed as king in place of her husband, King Moshoeshoe II who was killed in a car-crash, and she took over the regency intill her son was re-installed as king David Mahato Bereng Seeiso Letsie III. He was also king 1970 and 1988-90. She continued as Deputy Head of State until 2001, when she retired from the duty, though she continued to be of aid and be a guide to her son and daughter-in-law, the King and Queen
until her death. She lived (1938-2003).

?-2000- Senior Chieftainess Mboanjikana of Libonda
She is Barotse Royal Establishment Overseer.

?-2000- Chieftainess Mamatheola Matela, Chief of Ngoajani

2001 Regent Queen Karabo Mohato Bereng Seeiso
At 16th of January she was sworn in for the first time as regent by the chief justice about a year after she married King Letsie III, and is poised to act as Deputy Head of State in the future. She continued her biology-studies by correspondence. (b. 1976-)

Around 2006- Chieftainess 'Malerotholi Ntsubise Sekhonyana
Senator from 2006. She is widow of the late Leader of the main opposition party in Parliament (BNP) Mr. Ret'selisitsoe Sekhonyana.



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