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Female Belgium Heads of State
The Low Countries (The Netherlands and Belgium

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1507-15 and 1518-30 Stadtholder Margaretha von Habsburg
She was daughter of Emperor Maximilian, Dowager Duchess of Savoy and Countess M II of Franche-Comté (1482-1530).  She lived (1480-1530)

1530-55 Stadtholder Maria
Dowager-Queen of Bohemia-Hungarian, Grand-daughter of Duchess Maria of Burgundy. She lived (1505-58) 

1559-67 Stadtholder Margaretha de Parma
Daughter of Charles V. Regent of Firenze 1536-38, Reigning Duchess of Parma-Piacenza 1550-86. She lived (1522-86)

1598-1621 Co-Princess of the Southern Low Countries (Spanish Netherlands)
1621-33 Governor Isabella Clara Eugenia of Habsburg
Duchess of Luxembourg and Franche-Comté 1596-1621 In 1598 the Southern Low Countries became an independent state, though very dependent on Spain.  After the death of her husband, Archduke Albrecht of Austria (Son of Emperor Maximilian II), the area was reintegrated in Spain, and she appointed governor. She was daughter of Felipe II of Spain, no children and lived (1566-1633)

1725-41 Stadtholder Archduchess Maria-Elisabeth von Habsburg of the Southern Low Countries (Austrian Netherlands)
Her brother, Emperor Karl V, appointed her as Governor of the Austrian Netherlands, a Federation of Brabant, Flanders, Hainaut, Namur, Limburg and Luxembourg,  each of which had its own tradition, laws and identity. The Austrian administration pursued a Mercantilist policy intending to improve the economy. But the Habsburg dynasty interests outweighed those of the southern Netherlands and Austrian diplomacy never achieved the lifting of the blockade of Schelde, and in 1731 the charter of the Oostende East India Company, which had been founded in 1722, was lifted in return for recognition by Great Britain and the Dutch Republic of the Pragmatic Sanction, making her niece, Maria-Theresia the heir of Austria and Hungary. Maria-Elisabeth was daughter of Emperor  of Leopold I, unmarried and lived (1680-1741)

1740-80 Duchess Maria Theresa von Habsburg of The Southern Low Countries (Autrian Netherlands)
She was Queen of Bohemia-Hungaria, Archduchess of Austria and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. Trough the Habsburg inheritance from Maria of Burgundy, she also became Duchess of  Gelders, Limburg, Jülich, Luxembourg, Brabant, Quilon, Bar and Franche-Comté, Margravine of Higher-Elsass, Breisgau, Lower-Elsass and Antwerpen, Countess of Flanders, Hainault, d'Artois, Boulonge,  Namur, Pouthieu, Picardie, d'Eu, Vermandôis, Charolais, Macon, Montbeliard, Zutphern, Nevers and Rethel  and Baroness d'Ilęs, Bar-sur-Seine etc. most of present day's Belgium and Luxembourg

1744 Governor Anna-Maria von Habsburg of the Southern Low Countries (Austrian Netherlands)
She was sister of Maria-Theresa and married to her brother-in-law, Prince Karl von Lothringen/Lorraine

1780-93/98 Co-Governess-General Maria-Christine Johanna Josefa Antonia von Habsburg-Lothringen of the Southern Low Countries (Austrian Netherlands)
She was Duchess of Teschen 1765-98 together with husband. Daughter of Maria Theresa, and appointed governor by brother Leopold II in Belgium and Luxembourg. She lived (1742-98)

From 2001- Hereditary Princess Elisabeth
She is daughter of Crown Prince Filip and second in line for the throne.



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