Costa Rica Heads Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of State of Costa Rica
(Female Suffrage 1949) Part of the Spanish American Dominions 1530-1821 when it became independent, 1824-39 one of the United States of Central America

See also Costa Rica Ministers and Costa Rica Parliament

1986-90 2. Vice-President Victoria Garrón Orozco de Doyan

1994-98 2. Vice-President Licda. Rebecca Grynspan Mayufis
1997-98 Minister of Housing and Urban Development

1998-2002 1. Vice-President and Minister of Culture, Youth and sport Astrid Fischel Volio

1998-2002 2. Vice-President and Minister of Environment and Energy Lic. Elizabeth Odio Benito
In 1978-82  and 1990-94 Minister of Justice and Attorney-General,  1994-97 Judge by the International Tribunal in the former Yugoslavia.

2002-06 1. Vice-President Lineth Saborío Chaverri
Also held various Cabinet Portfolios. President Abel Pacheco de la Espriella (b. 1933-)
surrendered his power temporarily to her on various occations from 2003 due to liness.

2006-08 1. Vice-President Laura Chinchilla Miranda
2010-14 President
Vice-Minister of Security 1994-96, Minister of Public Security, Interior and Police 1996-98, Minister of Justice and Grace 2006-08 and Acting Minister of Security 2008.

2014- 2. Vice-President Ana Elena Chacon Echeverria
Vice-Minister of Interior, Police and Public Security for Police and Interior 2004-06, MP 2006-10.

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