Uzbekistan Heads of State

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Heads of State of Uzbekistan/ Özbekiston Jumhuriyäti (Female Suffrage 1922/38) Formed the most important part of the Turkestan-Khuhstan Empire, split up into three Khanates of Khiva, Kokand and Bukhara remained independent until 1921 other parts of the territory was incorporated in the Turkestan Soviet Republic 1918, 1922 the Uzbek Autonomous Soviet Republic was formed, independent 31.8.91

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674-710 Princess Qabaq Hatun of Bahura (See Kyrgyzstan)

976-77 Regent Dowager Princess of Samarqand and of Buhara (See Kyrgyzstan)
For al-Malik II

1170/72 Regent Turhan of Uiguristan

Till 1218 Ruler Salbak Tarhan of Uiguristan

1257 Regent Boraqcin of Hwarizim Sali (A Mongol Tribe)
Regent for Ulagci . She died 1257.

1865/75-85 Khanum Qurban Gan Danca Alimgul of Alay Qaancasy (The Khanate of the Alayan Ruleress)
She was given the area as a dowry and established a firm rule making it an independent principality

1959-70 President Yadar Sadykovna Nasriddinova (24.3-25.9)
In 1952-59 she was Deputy Premier, Minister of Construction Industry Between 1959-70 Vice-Chairperson of the Supreme Soviet, 1970-74 President of the Federation Council of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and 1974-? Deputy Minister of Building Material. She lived (1920-2006).

1959-63 Vice-President U. Ibadulayeva

1963-(70) Vice-President P. Yezhanova


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