Finland Heads

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Head of State of Finland
(Rural women got communal suffrage 1863, townswomen got the same right 1873 and universal female suffrage was introduced 1906)Formerly a part of Sweden was a Russian Grand Duchy under the Russian Crown until it became independent 1917

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2000-12 President Tarja Kaarina Halonen 
Member of Parliament 1979-2000, 1984-87 Chairperson of the Social Affairs Committee and Member of the Presidium of the Parliament,  1987-1990 Second Minister of Health and Social Affairs (Health Minister) and 1989-1991 Minister of Nordic Co-operation, 1989-91 Co-leader of Soumen Sosialidemokraattinen Pulolue, The Social Democrats. 1990-1991 Minister of Justice 1995-2000 Minister of Foreign Affairs and as such Chairperson of the Council of Ministers of the European Union (1.7.99-31.12.99) Mother of one daughter and partner with a man, who lives next to her for decades. (b. 1943-)



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