Tibet Heads

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Heads of State of Tibet

Also see Tibet Exile-Government

704-05 De Facto Ruler Dowager Grand Queen Khri ma lod of Tibet
Grand King 'Dus-srong (676-704) was killed in battle and succeeded is son Lha, who is quickly dethroned by the dowager Grand Queen Khri ma lod in favour of the infant Rgyal Gtsug ru. Revolts and executions followed until Khri-Ide-btsug-brtan, came on the throne, and ruled Tibet 705-755. He retaliated with more raids. He married a Chinese Princess and, needing help against Arab invasions, made peace with China in 730

1616 Regent rGyal Khatun of Ladakh-Balistan in  Little Tibet (Tihbat-I-Khurd)
For Seng-ge who ruled (1616-23 and sometime later)

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