Saudia Arabia Heads

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Saudi Arabia Heads of State

BCE 981 Regent Dowager Queen Ishaq of Thama

BCE circa 745-27 Queen Zabibe of Higaz
She paid tribute to king Tiglatilesaris III of Assyria (745-27)

BCE circa 733/20 Queen Samsil/Samsjja of Arabia
She paid tribute to the Assyrian kings  Tiglatpilesars III (745-27) and Sargon II (722-05)

BCE circa 680-67 Queen Iskallabu of Arabia
Co-ruler with King Haza (circa 680-69). She was Assyrian and put on the throne by King Asarhaddon, of whom she was a vassal.

BCE circa 680 Queen Tabua of Arabia
Co-ruler with King Haza

529 Princess Halima of the Gahassanians
She fought a battle against the Labmidians who had sacrificed her brother to their goddess. Daughter of King al-Harit (529-69)

981 Regent Hint bint Ishaq of Thama

1084-1137 Queen Saiyida Hurra Arwa bint Ahmad as-Slayhi of Thama
She ruled together with various men, and lived (1047-1137)



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