Guinea Bissau Heads of State

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Head of State of the Republic of Guinea Bissau/Repûblica da Guiné-Bissau
(Female suffrage 1973/77) A former Portuguese colony became independent in 1974

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Around 1820 Politically Influential Julia da Silva Cardoso of Guinea Bissau
The wife of Governor Joaquim Antonio de Matros of Guinea Buissau, she held high status in the local society, deriving a special status from her Bijago roots, and she could also claim authority from her Bissau background in relation to the neighbouring Pepel, on one occasion, when the Pepel threatened to attaca the Bissau settlement: “Governor’s wife was sent to the Papels, the conferences which she held with king Joseph.” On another occation the sources said: “The donation of the island of Gallinhas to the Portuguese Crown in 1830 was greatly influenced by De Mattos’ partner, descendant from the Bijago and with whom he had children, a highly respected person, Julia da Silva Cardoso.” Not only was she instrumental in negotiating the granting of settlements rights to the island of Gallinhas, she had also performed the same service two years earlier with respect to the island of Bolama. The two treaties were both made with an olono (king) of Kanabak (Roxa), Damiao, who actually “donated” the island to De Mattes. She was the aunt of the Reigning Okinka Aurelia Correia of the island of Orango Grande (circa 1830-1874/1879).

1984 Acting Head of state Carmen Pereira (14.5.-16.5.84)
1989-94 Member the Council of State
In 1973-84 Deputy President of Assembléia Nacional Popular, 1975-80 President of the Parliament of Cap Verde (which was in union with Guinea Bissau at the time) 1981-83 Minister of Health and Social Affairs 1984-89 President of Assembléia Nacional Popular and 1990-91 Minister of State (Deputy Premier) for Social Affairs. She acted as head of state after João Bernardo Viera, Head of state since 1980 was elected President in 1984. In 1999 he was deposed after a military coup. d’Etat.

Around 1984 Member of the Council of State Francesca Pereira
Later Minister of the Interior.

1991-... Member of the Council of State Fatima Fati



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