Marshall Heads of State
Heads of State of The Marshall Islands/Majol
(Female Suffrage 1947)

Also see Marshall Islands Ministers

19... LeirojLaplap Leirojlaplap Libinnirok of Mejit 
Mejit or Mejjej is situated in the Ratak Island Chain

circa 1954-? Leirojlaplap Dorothy Litarjikut of Majuro, Arno and Mili

Before 1987-2010 Leiroijlaplap Atama Zedkeia of the of Majuro Atoll
Vice-Chairperson of the Council of Iroij circa 1987-2001. She was considered a key figure in the Marshallese independence movement. She worked to break the Marshall Islands away from the rest of Micronesia, which was incorporated into the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands at the time. She lived (1931-2010)

...2001... Leiroij Catherine Reimers
was Vice-Chairperson of the Council of Iroij (Chiefs) 2001-circa 2007

...200?... Hereditary Leiroij Elma Kenny of the Majuro Atoll

2016- President Hilda Heine, Marshall Islands
Former Secretary and Minister of Education and Senator.


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