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Região Autónoma da Madeira
Portugese province with self-rule since 1976

A Donatorio - Donatary - was a private person (often a nobleman) who was bestowed by the crown with a considerable piece of land, called a donátaria, which was handed over at his discretion, exempt form normal colonial administration trough some royal governor etc., so de facto equivalent to a British Lord Proprietor. Smaller possessions could be under an officer simply styled Capitão (captain) The captains and captains-donatary were like governors who had full control over their domain. They held the office of judge. They could make land grants. They monopolized the gristmills, public baking ovens, and salt sales. The land they granted was subdivided for tenant farming. This way the lands
were farmed by peasants who had no ownership and had to pay high rent and tax.

1457-58 Captain-Donatary Isabel Moniz of Porto Santo
She succeeded  Bartolomeu I Perestrelo (1425-57) and was followed on the post by Pedro Correia 

Until 1689 Captain-General Mariana de Lencastre Vasconcelos e Camara of Funchal
Also 2ª condessa de Castelo Melhor, and daughter of Simão Gonçalves da Camara, 3º. conde da Calheta and Hereditary Captain-General, and succeeded brother,
João V Gonçalves da Câmara, who died without issue. She was married João Rodrigues de Vasconcelos, senhor de Valhelhas, was a lady-of-the court of Queen Maria Francisca de Sabóia, and was succeeded by son, Luís de Vasconcelos e Câmara. Mother of 8 children, and lived (1615-89).


1976 Member of Junta Governativa Regional Dra. Evangelista de Gouveia e Monteiro de Aguiar

1976-78 Regional Secretary for Education and Culture Dra. Margarida Neves da Costa

1994-2000 Regional Secretary of Tourism Dra. Conceição Maria de Sousa Nunes Almeida Estudante
Regional Secretary of Social Affairs


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