Cameroon Heads

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Female Cameroon Heads of State

Also see Cameroon Ministers

1418-61 Fon Nguopu 
She succeeded her brother, Share Yen, who founded the state around 1394, but  wore male dress, so that her gender was not discovered and consequently she ruled as king.

1865 Mfon Ngoungoure
Apparently she held office for less than a day.

1889-95 Ruler Queen Mother Njapdungke 
1895-1913 Politically Infuential
Her name also spelled as Nazabidunke. (d. 1913)

Around 1790 Queen Logenge Her husband, King Kwa of Duala was co-regent of Bimba until 1792

The Ewondos and the Bene

Circa 1977- Paramount Chieftainess Marie-Thérèse Catherine Atangana Assiga Ahanda
When Cameroon reintroduced the chef supérieurs, Marie-Thérèse Ahanda or
Chaterine Atangana épouse Assinga Ahanda, was installed in the Chiefdom ruled by her father, Charles Atangana (circa 1880-1943). She is a novellist, chemist and was MP 1983-88.


Circa 1500 Queen Sukda


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