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Guatemala Heads of State

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Around 317 Queen Une' B'alam of Tikal
The state was an important Classic-Age Mayan city-state located in northwestern Guatemala. Her name means Baby Jaguar, and she was succeeded by king K'inich Muwaan Jol.

511-527 Queen Ix Yo K'in of Tikal
Also known as Lady Kalomte', she succeeded her father Chak Tok Ich'aak II at age six. While she was considered the queen and nineteenth successor, she ruled the important Classic-Age Mayan city-state located in northwestern Guatemala with a coregent, Kalomte' B'alam a prominent warrior. Her name means Baby Jaguar, and she was succeeded by king K'inich Muwaan Jol.

650/750 Reigning Queen of Waka
In 2004 scientists have recovered her grave which shows all the trappings of a Maya ruler, but does not reveal her name. The artifacts indicates that she lived between 650 and 750.

682-741 Lady Six Sky of Uac Cab'nal (Naranjo in Guatemala/Belize)
Alternative versions of her name was Lady Wac Chanil Ahau, Lady of Dos Pilas and Lady of Tikal. She arrived "here" in 682 as the daughter of King B'alaj Chan K'awiil of Dos Pilas. She was never invested as a Naranjo ruler, she assumed every other prerogative of kingship, portraying herself on monuments and performing key calendrical rituals. This even extended to military symbolism. It is clear that she assumed the role of Queen regnant and effectively ruled, then perhaps co-ruled for a substantial period. She seems to have been the mother of king K'ak Tiliw Chan Chaak, but the sources never mention his father. She was the central figure, even after the formal enthronement of her son (at age five). She waged war in his name, and remained an important force to until her death at the age of 77. She lived (664-741).

1541 (28.8-10.9) Acting Governor Doña Beatriz de la Cueva de Alvarado
She was appointed governor in succession to her husband, conquistador, Pedro de Alvarado. She was killed by an exploding vulcano after two weeks rule. Succeeded by brother, Francesco de la Cueva y Villacreces, Governor 1540-41 and 1541-42.

2012-15 Vice President Ingrid Roxana Baldetti Elías
Member of the Congreso de Guatemala 2003-11 and Vice-President 2005-06, Parliamentary Leader 2008 and Secretary General of Partido Patriota 2009-11. (b. 1962-).



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