Samoa Heads of State

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Today divided into the independent state of Samoa and American Samoa, an American dependency

15... Legendary Queen Salamasina of Samoa, Queen of the Upolu, Savai'i, and Tutuila Islands
As a child she had been made Tupu O Samoa and Tafaifa (supreme monarch of Samoa) and held all four Paramount Titles in Samoa. According the legend, she was kind, just, and skillful in leading her country, making great effort and sacrifice to ensure peace for all. During her 40 years reign, there were no wars and people prospered and were happy. She was daughter of Vaeitoefaga and Tamalelagi. Through her mother she's the granddaughter from the king Tu'i Tonga of Tonga and through her father she's the descended from the High Chiefs of Samoa and Fiji. The late Paramount Ruler of Samoa, His Royal Highness Malietoa Tanumafili II, was a direct descendant of this legendary queen.

17… The Tu’i Kanokupolu Tupou-Mohe’ofo
The secular ruler of the Islands

17…. Legendary ruler Tafa’ifa Tupo o samoa sina of Le-samoa-na-ngalo
succeeded her father Ter’i-marotea, prince of Tahiti who immigrated to Saoma

1891-95 Tui Manu'a Matelita
High Chiefess Matelita ruled the island which is now American Samoa, but she was head of the whole of Samoa. 

Before 1991 High Chief Asuega Fa'amamata, Pago Pago in American Samoa
Senator from 2009.
Asuega F. Lauvai is one of the chiefs in the territory as Senior Matai.

2003- Tofoitaufa Sandra Salevasaosamoa King
She was bestowed with the ceremonial maiden title in December. She is presently the Executive Director of the Pacific Islander Center for Educational Development (PICED) and former legal counsel for the Speaker of the House of Representatives and worked for Senator Inouye for many years and also worked for the U.S. Senate Rules Committee.
Deputy Director of Insular Affairs in the Department of the Interior in Charge of the Pacific Trust Territories




The Tagaloalagi Throne

....Queen Sina I
Succeeded by
King Apua

....Queen Sina II
Maried to King Lau

....Queen Sina III
Daughter of Sina II, married to King Fonoti Tagaloalagi

....Queen Sina IV Fonoti Tagaloalagi
Daughter of Sina III

....Queen Nafanvia Tagaloalagi
A relative of the family

....Queen Fagau’I
Daughter of Nafanvia Tagaloagi

....Royal Title-holder Ene Alefaio Auva’a
She lived (1873-1986)

....Royal Title-holder Lupelele Etua Moemai
Moemai is also a high-chiefly title.

Before 2000- Royal Title Holder Julie Tumama Shaw Soimari Tagaloalagi
She (or her son, Joseph Matua) claims that she now holds the legitimate royal title of the Tagaloalagi Throne from all her four family lineages in Samoa. (b. 1949-). She was great-
grand-daughter of Queen Sinia IV Fonoti Tagaloalagi etc.



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