Kyrgyzstan Heads

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Heads of State of Kyrgyzstan/
Kirgistan/Kyrgyz Respublikasy (Female Suffrage 1918/22) The Mongol-Turkish Tribe of Kirghiz became part of the Russian Empire in the 1860s and 1870s. Part of the Soviet Union 1920 and Declared independent 31.8.91, member of the United Nations 1992.  The Qara Khitai Empire covered parts of present day’s Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia.

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1144-51 Khanum Regnant Tabuyan T’a-Pu-Yen Gantian Huanghou of Qara Khitai (Turkistan)
Possibly successor of her husband, Yelü Dashi, who reigned as Emperor Dezong 1124-1144 as leader of the Central Asian Khanate – in what today is partly Kyrgyzstan and partly Chinese Turkistan the region Sinkiang Uighur Autonomous Region/Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu. She was mother of mother of Yelü Yilie, who ruled as emperor Liao Renzong in 1151-1164) and possibly also mother of Khanum Regnant Yelü Pusuwan Chengtian Taihou who ruled in 1164-1178.

1164-78 Dowager Khanum Regnant Yelü Pusuwan Chengtian Taihou of Qara Khitai (Turkestan) 
Also known as Empress Chengtian, Cheng Tian Hou) of Qara Khitai she was sister of Yelü Yilie, who ruled as emperor Liao Renzong in 1151-64. In the 1120s China's Liao Dynasty was ousted by the Liaos, or Khitans, and were driven west into Central Asia,  where, after defeating the Seljuq Turks of Persia under the Sultan Sanjar in 1141, they founded the Qara-Khitai Empire with Samarkand as its capital covering present day's Mongolia, Northern-China, Kyrgyzstan and other central Asian territories. The khanate was weakened in about 1200 by attacks from the Khwarizm shahdom and in 1218 it collapsed precipitately when the Mongols invaded. The governmental institutions of Qara Khitai were taken over by the Mongols to form the foundations of their own imperial administration.   

1242-46 Regent Dowager Khanum Ebüskün of Qara Khitai (Turkestan)
For Qara Hülägü

1252-61 Regent Dowager Khanum Organa Hatum of Qara Khitai (Turkestan)
Her name also spelled as Orqina Khatum. Qara Khitai also coverd parts of present day’s Turkmenistan, and she was also ruler of the Chagataiid Horde in Mongolia and the Khanate of the Eastern Turkiut (Xinjiang)

Around 1850 Tsarina Kurmandjan Datka of Alay
Also known as
Kurmanjan Mamatbai Kyzy, or Alai Queen, she was an outstanding leader of Kyrgyz nation. She had refused to live with the husband she was forced to marry and ruled the country alone when her second husband died, during the gloomy time of feudal despotism she could maintain a free spirit of independent nomad's life, traditional way living and Kyrgyz culture in Alay region. She was respected by all the foreign rulers she met during her reign, even by Kokand Khan – guardian of Muslim norms. At that time, it was considered astounding that a woman could govern such a huge territory as the Fergana valley. After the Kirgis territory was annexed by Russia in 1876, she continued the resistance movement. She lived (1811-1907) 

1959-(70) Vice-President B. Musuralieva

2010 Chairwoman of the Provisional Government Roza Isakovna Otunbaeva
2010-11 President
Former Foreign Minister and long time political opposition leader


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