Timor Leste Substates

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Substates of East Timor /República Democrática de Timor Leste
A Portuguese Colony until 1974. After the Portuguese withdrew the territory was occupied by Indonesia which conducted a genocide. 1999-2002 Under UN Protection and Independent at 20.05.02.

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Fatu Mean
The state was included in the list made by the Portuguese in 1952, then in the district of Bobonaro.

Around 1952  Liurai Clara Assi

Also situated in the formerdistrict of Bobonaro.

Around 1952 Liurai Bai Buti


...... Princess Regnant
After the death of her husband,
 Raja Liurai Rapubut of Atabai  (Also spelled Atabae), she went to the village of Paselera where she founded a new principality



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