Andorra Heads

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Female Heads of state of the P
rincipality of Andorra/ Principat d’Andorre/ Principado de Andorra or
 Les Valls d'Andorrà/ Les Valées d'Andorre
(Female Sufrage 1970) Sovereignty 1993.

Co-Princesses of Andorra

1170-1201 Sovereign Dame Arnalda de Caboët of Andorra
Her father, Arnau de Caboet, had been given the Valley of Andorra as a fief by the Bishop of Urgell. Her mother, Sancha de Castellbò was daughter of Pierre Raymond, Viscount de Higher Urgell and Vicomtesse Sibylle de Cerdagne. Arnalda married Viscount Arnau de Castellbò-Cerdagne (1155-1226), and they were succeeded by daughter, Viscountess Ermessenda de Castellbò i Carboet, who married Roger Bernard II of Foix in 1208, and Andorra was inherited by the houses of Foix, Bearn and Navarra. Arnalda lived (1164-1201).

1201-30 Sovereign Dame Ermessenda de Castellbò i Caboët of Andorra 
1226-30 Sovereign Viscountess of Castellbò-Cerdagne (Spain)
Inherited Andorra from her mother Arnalda de Carboet (1164-1201) and Castellbò by father Arnaud de Castellbò-Cerdagne (1155-1226). She and married to Roger Bernard II of Foix (1195-1241) in 1208, and trough their descendants Andorra was inherited by the houses of Foix, Bearn and Navarra and France. She lived (1185-1230).

1398-1412 Sovereign Countess Isabelle of Foix-Beárn and Co-Princess of Andorra, Viscomtesse de Castel (etc), de Marsan, du Gévaydan et de Lautrec (France and Spain)
Succeeded brother, Mathieu V de Castelbon, and ruled jointly with husband, Archambaud de Grailli, and was succeeded by son, Jean in 1411 or 12.

1470-82 Regent Princess Madeleine de France
of Andorra and Foix Bearn
She was regent for
son, Francesco, in Foix-Beárn and Andorra after her husband, Count Gaston V's death. In 1479 her son succeeded his paternal grandmother in Navarra. She lived (1443-86)

1483-1512 Queen Regnant Catalina de Grailly of Navarra, Co-Princess of Andorra
1512-17 Queen (restored)
Succeeded brother, King Francesco. Also Queen of Navarra and Countess de Foix and ruled jointly with Jean II d’Albert (1512-16) and Henri II (1516-55) She lived (1468-70-1517)

1555-1572 Queen Regnant Juana III d’Albert of Navarra and Co-Princess of Andorra, Duchess d'Albert
Also known as Jeanne d'Albert, she had the additional titles of Comtesse de Foix (etc.) and Périgod, Viscomtesse de Limoges, Comtesse de Rodez, d'Armagnac, Perche, Fezensac, de L'Isle-Jourdain, Porhoët, Pardiac, Viscomtesse de Lomagne, Fezenzaguet, Brulhois, Cressey, d'Auvillars, Baroness de Castelnau, Caussade, Montmiral and Dame de La Flêche and Baugé. Married to Guillaume, duc de Clèves. Her son became king of France and trough him the post of Co-prince has passed on  the Presidents of the French Republic. She lived (1528-72). 

2007-08 Personal Representative of the French Co-prince Emmanuelle Mignon
Appointed by President
Nicolas Sarkozy of France, who is also Co-Prince of Andorra and her role was to keep him informed about issues involving the Principality. The other Co-Prince, the Bishop of Urgell in Spain, also has a Personal Representative. She held the offices of Director of the Cabinet of The President and President of the Council of Administration of the National Domaine of Chambord and was a Presidential Advisor 2008-12. (b. 1968-).

2012-15 Personal Representative of the French Co-prince Sylvie Hubac
Director of the Cabinet of The President Hollande of France. (b. 1956-)

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