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Jordan Heads of State 

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1952-53 Head of the Regency Council Queen Zein al-Sharaf
In the official Jordan biography it says that her political instincts and courage allowed her to successfully fill a constitutional vacuum after the assassination of the late King Abdullah in 1951, while the newly proclaimed King Talal was being treated outside the Kingdom for his mental illness. When he was deposed in August 1952 she was regent until her son, Hussein I, until he turned 18 in May the following year. She lived (1916-94).

Kingdom of Kedar (Qedar)

The Kedarites were a nomadic Arabic tribe, living in the deserts of eastern Syria and Jordan.

Circa 738-circa 733 Queen Zabibe

Circa 733-circa 710 Queen Samsil

Circa 710-circa 690 Queen Yatie
Also known as Iati'e.

Circa 690-circa 67 Queen Telhunu
Also known as Te'elhenu, she reigned jointly with Kaza'il.circa 690-circa 675 and Queen Queen Tabu

Circa 678-circa 675 Queen Queen Tabua
Jointly with Queen Telhunu, who reigned from circa 690. Tabua was succeeded by king Uaite ben Kaza'il.

Nabataean Kingdom
The Nabataeans were an Arabian people, occupying Edom, southern Transjordan, and SE. Syria, with its capital at Petra, It was a client kingdom of Rome, 1st cent. B.C. - 1st cent. CE under kings who were rivals of the Herods, including Aretas. Nabataea was made the province of Arabia in 105, governed by a praetorian legate with one legion

11-40 Queen Shaqilat I of the Nabataean Kingdom (Jordan)
She appeared on the coins jointly with her usband king Aretas IV.

Circa 40-circa 60 Queeen Shakilat of Nabataea
Jointly with Maliku III also known as Malichus.

Circa 71-90 Queen Gamilat of Nabataea
Jointly with ar-Rabil II also known as Rabbel Soter.





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