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Aceh Dar us-Salam (Achin/Atjeh) (North Sumatra)

1641-75 Sultan Safiyat ad-Din Taj al-Alam Iskander Muha 
Born as Raja Permusairi Putri Sri 'Alam as daughter of Sultan Iskander, who reigned 1607-36. She married a relative, who was adopted by her father, whom she later succeeded.

1641-75 Uleebalang Cut Nyak of Keureuto in Aceh
Also known as Tjut Njak Asiah or Cut Nyak Karti she was one of the several female Heads of Autonomous Regions, equivalent to an European duke. The principality was also known as Keureutau or Keureutu.

1641-1675 Uleebalang Cut Nyak Fatimah of the one of the settlements in West Aceh

1675-78 Sultan Naquiyat ad-Din Nur al-Alam   
Granddaughter of Sultan 'Ali Mughauat II, who ruled 1604-07.

1678-88 Sultan Zaquiyat ad-Din Inayat Shah  
Married to a great-grandson of Sultan Mukmin and succeeded by his sister.

1688-99 Sultan Zinat ad-Din Kamalat Shah
Born as Putri Raja Setia, great-granddaughter of Sultan Mukmin, who ruled 1579. Her brother was married to her predessor, Sultana Zaquiyat.

Around 1857 Uleebalang Pocut Meuligo of Salamanga in Aceh
Also And advisor and General during the war in Salamanga against the Dutch.

1873-1908 Uleebalang Cut Nyak Dien of VI Mukim of the Sagi XXV Military District in Aceh
Also General in Aceh Barat. Her father, Teuku Nanta Setia was Commander of VI Mukim of the Sagi XXV Military District and decendet from Sultanah Tajjul Alam, an Achehnese ambassador for the Pagaruyung Sultanate in West Sumatra.

Around 1900 Uleebalang and General Pocut Baren Biheue in Aceh Barat
During the early war against the Dutch she had one of her legs amputed. She was cured by the Dutch who reinstated her as an Autonomous Ruler, Uleebalang. Lieutenant H. Scheurleer later reported that she tried to create orderliness, security and prosperity under Dutch authority. She lived (1880-1933).


1817 Rebellion Leader Martha Christina Tiahahu in Aceh
Together with her husband Paulus Tiahahu she fought against the Dutch rule and seized Fort Beverwijk.

1856-1933 General and Ulama (religious leader) Tengku Fakinah
During the early war against the Netherlands

1910 General Cut Nyak Meutia in North Aceh
Also known as Cut Meutia she joined her second husband, Cut Muhammad or Teuku Cik Tunong, in the fight against the Dutch, he was made District Chief until he was imprisoned and shot in 1905 and after his successor was killed in the battle in 1910, she became the new commander with only 45 men 13 guns left, but was shot herself soon after. She lived (1870-1910).

Alang at Ambon

1923-45 Patih Elisabeth Mahulete-Patty
Succeeded her father and married Dr. Mahulete, who died in 1937.


Around 1600  Aru We Cella of Alitta
She succeeded her father, Adatuang/Raja La Cellemata of Sawito, who founded the Buginese principality in South-West-Sulawesi. She was succeeded by her son La Masora. She was married to the Adatuang of Sidenreng (La Pancaitana). La Masora was in his turn succeeded by his daughter We Tenrilekke, who married to the Aru of Rappang, La Tone(e).

....8th Aru We Tasi Arung Ganrang
She married the son of Aru La Pamessangi (6th ruler),who was also Datu of Suppa

...11th Aru We Mapalewa,
Daughter of the 10th ruler To Sibengara

Until 1859 Aru Patta Lacabalai
She succeeded her brother, Muhamed Tahir, who was succeeded by her sister Aru Aniping.

1859-61 Aru Anipong
Also known as Nipo, she succeeded her sister, Aru Patta Lacabalai, and was succeeded by the granddaughter of her sister, We Tenripadarang

1861-1902 Aru We Tenripadarang

1861-1902 Adatuwang Regnant We Tan-ri-Paderang  .
Succeeded her grandmother sister, Aru Aniping, and married  with the crownprince and later Somba/Sultan/Karaeng of Gowa:Hussain (1895-1906. .Her mother was the deposed monarch of Bone and Suppan(Basse Kajuwara). We abdicated en favour of her son La Pangorisang( 1902-1905). In 1908 Alitta merged with Sawito and the rulers became districtrulers of Alitta.

Alla (or Tobango)

Until before 1909 Aru Kabe
She was head of a Buginese principality Sulawesi. She was the daughter of a brother of  two previous male rulers:Aru Patta Mataelo and his succesor Aru Mangke. She was succeeded by the son of her sister, Aru I Lorong, who was already ruling for sure in 1909 and died in 1913.

Amahai/Amahein Area in the South West Ceram Island

Unil 1988 Temporary Ina Latu Thijs Tilihalawa
She was elected as ruler 3 times. She is married by Mr. de Fretes

1988- Temporary Ina Latu Thijs Tilihalawa

Also known as Elisabeth, she has been reelected as ruler of the area 3 times, latest in 2005, because her brother handed over the dignity to her

Important principality in the North of West Timor.

1880-1902 Anna Elisabeth Aunoni
She succeeded Raja Usif Willem Aunoni, who was the father of her mother Lisi Aunoni. She was succeeded by her semi-adopted aide, Willem Tafin Talnoni.


1947-57 Maradia NN
After the abdication of her husband, Haji Andi Depu.Baso, she ruled in her own right until 1950 and the following seven years in a temopary basis. She was succeeded by grandson of brother of father of her husband, Puang Manda' alias Haji Andi Syahribulan.(1959-1963) as the last ruler of the Mandar area north of the main Buginese area. It was a sort of confederation of seven principalities with the Maradia of Balangnipa as chief. In 1873 the Dutch made all the seven states real seperate principality. The previous title of this chiefruler was Maraja Magau.This was always the ruler of Balan(g)nipa. The general title for Raja in Mandar was Maradia.(b. 1907-)


Circa 915-45 Queen Sri Ugrasena  (Çri Ugra Çena)
A royal decreee names her Queen and step-sister of the oldest dynasty of the island, the Warmadewa Dynasty.

984-89 Queen Sri Vijayamahadevi

989-1007 Queen Guanpriyadharmapatni

Until 1016 Queen Sri Ajnadevi

1088-98 Queen Sakalendukiranaisanagunadharmalakshmidharavijayottunggadevi 

Around 1200 Queen Arjayadengjayaketana

Bandjermasin  (Borneo)

14... Queen Putri Kaumnu 

Banja (Today = Kalimatan)

1505-30 Queen Putri Kalunggu

Bantam (Bali)

1748-50/53 Sultan Ratu Sarifah Fatima


18... Aru We Langrungi Puang Buttukanan of Batulappa
The daughter of Aru Puang Baso, she was succeeded by son Conra Puang Maling as ruler of the Bugis state in the beginning of the 19th century. Her cerimonial name was Matinroe ri Sikkirana.

Circa 1890-1930 Aru Regnant I Coma

2002- Chief of the Dynasty Andi Cuma Tanri of Batulapa
After the death of her brother, Andi Mangga Tanri (1924-45-2002), she was named the semi-official head
official dyanstic organisation with the ami to bring back the dynasty in the society and to preserve its history.


..... 11th Aru Matinroe ri Gamecana of Barru
It was her cerimonial name, and means died in G Gamecana. She was daughter of  Toriwetae ri Bampang (which is more a description of something important in his life,than his real (ruling) name),.She was succeeded by daughter  I Limpo Daeng Manakko, as ruler one of a number of Bugi States.

.....12th Aru I Limpo Daeng Manak of Barru
She succeeded her mother, Matinroe ri Gamecana, and married Adatuang La Tenritipe Towalennae
Arung Ujung of Sidenreng, who ruled from 1681 over Sidenreng.

......I Rakia Karaeng Agangjene, Matinroe ri Sidenreng of  Barru
(as We Rakkia Karaeng Kanjenne she was Adatuang of Sidenreng)
She was daughter of  La Mal(l)ewai,Matinroe ri Tanna Maridie, who succeeded his mother, I Limpo Daeng Manak, as Aru of Barru and her father as Adatuang of Sidenreng. She was succeeded by son,  Toappo Arung Ajung (also Adatuang of Sidenreng as Towappo Abdullah) in the mid 18th century.

1836-75 Aru Tenripada Siti Aisa, Matinroe ri Gowa of  Barru
Succeeded her father To Patarai,Matinroe ri Masigina( Arung Alakku).She married I Malingkaang Idris,who ruled 1893-1895 as Sultan/Karaeng/Somba over Gowa.She was sometimes also called Basse Barru.She was under regency until 1854. Succeeded by oldest daughter, I Batari Toja

1875-1908 Aru I Batari Toja of  Barru
Her succession after the death of her mother, Tenripada Siti Aisa, was officially recognized by the Dutch in 1876. She abdicated in favour of her son, I Jonjo Karaeng Limbangparang , who ruled until 1955).

Berau (Borneo)

16... Sultan Adji di Kurin dana-Malaka  

17... Sultan Adji di Kurin-dana Malaka


2001- Sultana-Regent Ama Ka'u Siti Hajjah Maryam Salahuddin
Also known as Putri Maryiam, she is regent awaiting the instillation of her her nephew Amakau Feri Zulkarnain Jena Teke, as sultan. He is the Vice-President of the local government of Bima. She was MP 1987-1997, and former Assistant to the Governement of Nusa Tenggara Barat and civil servant. Hajji Rahmat, a descendant of the Susuhunans of Surakarta. (b. 1927-).

Makassarese state in South Western Celebes.

1850-63 Karaeng I-Patima Daeng Matin
1863-72 Nominal regent
She was deposed because of bad rule and obstructing the cooperation with the Dutch, but was was allowed to continue  as Regen under direct rule by the Dutch.


....Ige of Bintauna
She was the first ruler of the small state in the Bintauna area in North Celebes, and was succeeded by five grandsons in turn.

She succeeded Bomboluawo and was succeeded by Gulimbala.



Until circa 1508 Arumpone We Tenri Gau Daeng Marowa Aru Majang (Makalappi)
She succeeded her father,
La Saliwu Karampeluwe Pasodowakkae, and was succeeded by son La Tenri Sukki Mapajunge who ruled circa 1508-1535).

1602-1611 Arumpone We Tenri Tuppu
According to an alternative list We Tenrituppu [Matinroé ri Sidénréng] reigned 1590-1607. She succeeded cousin of grandfather La Patawang (1595-1602) and was succeeded by son La Tenriruwe

 1714-1715, 1720, 1724-1738 and 1741-1749 H.H. Bata-ri Toja Daeng Talaga Sultana Zainab Zakiat ud-din, Arumpone of Bone 
1715 and 1728-1738 Datu of Soppeng
1719-20 Datu of Luwu
Another version of her name is Batari Toja Daéng Talaga Arung Timurung Datu-ri Citta Sultana Zainab Zakiyat ud-din binti al-Marhum Sultan Idris Azim ud-din [Matinroé-ri Tippuluna]

Until 1779 Heiress Apparent H.H. I-Tanitaja Siti Amira Maning Ratu [MatinroE-ri Lanna], Arung Palakka of Bone 
She was daughter of H.H. La Parappa To' Aparapu Sappewali Madanrang Daeng Bonto Karaeng Anamonjang Paduka Sri Sultan Shahab ud-din Ismail [Tumamenanga-ri Sompaopu], Sultan of Gowa. (1690-1709-12), she married H.H. I-Mappainga Karaeng Lempangang Paduka Sri Sultan Safi ud-din [I-Makkasuma], Sultan of Tallo (1709-60) in 1725, and lived (1711-79)

1823-35 Arumpone I Maeeng Arun Data (MatinroE-ri-Kassie)
Another version of her name is I-Manéng Paduka Sri Ratu Sultana Salima Rajiat ud-din [Matinroé-ri Kassi]

1858-59 Arumpone Bassee Kajuwara Hadie Abdel Hadie Pelai-eengi Paseemba
She was deposed and then became Datu of Suppa until 1881. She had succeeded by son of brother of her father Arumpugi La Parenreengi Ahmad Saleh(1845-1857), and was succeeded by a distant relative, Ahmad Singkarru Rukka Arung Palakka (1860-1871).

1871-?95 Arumpone I Banrie Bau Banri Datu Citta Aru Timurung
Another version of her name is I-Banri Gau Paduka Sri Sultana Fatima [Matinroé-ri Bola Mapparé'na]. She succeeded her father, Ahmad Singkarru Rukka Arung Palakka (1860-1871), and was succeeded by brother, La Pawawoi Kareng Segeri, wh ruled until 1905).

Bontobangun/Bontobango (The biggest state at the Salei Islands under Celebes/Sulawes)

1844-1847 Opu Bonko Laloasa Daeng Sugina
Succeeded by Dorahamen Daeng Sirua 

A state in South-Eastern founded on the Buton Island

1295 Queen Wakaakaa
She was ruler only on Buton Island, and succeeded by daughter.

After 1295 Queen Bulawambona
Succeeded mother, and expanded the state beoynd the Island of Buton


Celebes at the Moluccas

1858-59 Queen Basse Kajuwara Hai-de Abdel Haide Pelai-e’engie Paseempa

One of the Mandar states.

Circa 1889-96 I Merette
She was married to the 23rd ruler, Tandiwali,who ruled until 1889, but her reign is not certain until 1892. She was daughter of Jalangkara,who also ruled over Pambuang/Pembuang, and was succeeded by her son, La Galigu, who reigned until 1901.



1879-99 Ratu Petronella da Costa
Djeniloe is a principality in the N.-part of Belu-area, which is an area in the middle of the island of Timor, bordering East-Timor. She married Raja Rinoe Misek alias Alexander da Costa (1880-1900) of nearby lying principality of Lidak, who was succeeded by their daughter, who was also named Ratu Petronella da Costa.

1923 Ratu Donna Maria da Costa
She was daughter of Petronella da Costa, who ruled (1879-99) and after her brother, Raja Josef da Costa, died, she started to behave as ruler of the territory even though it had been merged into a larger federation ruled by Raja Josef, and although the Dutch already appointed a Fettor Bone Rea, a sub-raja).Twice she was asked to leave, although as real ruling ruler she had not much influence ,but her presence in Djeniloe as nominal-Ratu was a bit a disturbance. The first time she refused totally to go.Later she would be more indulgent. She and her sister and brothers were of the then very rare Dasi Raan nobilty  - only children from children of children from royal blooded people along the line.


East Java 

947-? Regent Dowager Sri Isanatunggavijaya

A Bugis state.

....Princess Regnant Takkebuku
She was the first known ruler and daughter of Chieftain Tanriangka Patta Taulan and Danrakati Patta Tinggalung. Her son, was succeeded by daughter.

.... Princess Regnant .Kota
Succeeded by daughter
Bissu Tonang

Princess Regnant Bissu Tonang
Succeeded by
son Andi Mappatunru

Until 1915 Princess Regnant Andi Pancaetana
Her succeessor, Patta Ahmad ruled until 1934.


A principality in North Sulawesi. It was divided between to branches of the same dynasty, which reigned a part each.

Upper Parts of Gorontalo
1490-1503 Olangio to tilaiot Ntihedud Raja To Tilayo
Her title means ruler of the upper parts, and she was daughter of Uloli (1427-1450) and succeeded her brother, Polamalo I (1481-1490) and was later succeeded by his son.

1615-46 Olangio to tilaiot Molie Raja To Tilayo
Succeeded her
her father Pangoliwudaa, who was the second muslim ruler of the Raja To Tilayo branch She was succeeded by husband,  Eiato, who ruled until 1674.

Downlying Parts of Gorontalo
Olangio to hoelialio Wulutileni Raja To Huliyalio
Succeeded her fahther, Tuliabu. She was succeeded by daughter.

1611-32 Olangio to hoelialio  Mboheleo Raja To Huliyalio (Ju Balu)
She was succeeded by her husband's adopted daughter, Bumulo

1632-47 Olangio to hoelialio Bumulo Raja To Huliyalio
She succeeded her adopted father's wife. She was succeeded by husband, Tiduhula, who in 1677 was succeeded by sons Bia (d. 1680) and Walangadi I (d. 1718).

Hative-Besar (Statelet at the island of Ambon)

1937-45 Regent....Nunumete-Patiwaai
Her first name is not known.



1815-ca 56 Sultan Dewa Aung Isteri Kaina


1825 Rebellion Leader Nyi Ageng Serang in Java
Joined Prince Diponegoro in the Java War in 1825 and was entrusted with leading a force against the Dutch invaders. She lived (1752-1828)

Jepara (Java)

1554-79 Queen Regnant Kalinyamat
Succeeded to the throne when her husband, R. Toyib or “Sultan Hadlirin”, was killed by Bupati Jipang. The commercial port gave wealth to the kingdom and she sent her combat fleet for Malacca to attack and destroy Portuguese in 1551 and 1574, but her forces did not manage to drive Portuguese away from Malacca. The daughter of Sultan Trenggono of Demak, she was originally named Retno Kencono. (d. 1579).


Kahuripan kingdom (Javan Empire)

1045 Heiress to the Throne Princess Sanggramawijaya
When her father, King Airlangga, desided to abdicate, she turned down the throne choosing rather to live as a hermit. Instead the Kingdom was devided among her two half-brothers (their mothers were concubines). Her father had succeeded his parents, the joint reigning couple, King Dharmodayana Warmmadewa (Udayana) and Queen Gunapriyadharmapatni (Mahendradatta) of Bali.

Kaling (Keling or Kalingga)

674-75 Queen Regnant Sima
She was known as a just ruler. Chinese records from the period of the Chi'iu T'ang-Shu and Hsin T'ang-shu dynasties speak of her control of 28 smaller kingdoms and having a powerful army of women, but she is not known from local sources, and the first ruler mentioned in local sources is king Sanjaya.

Karang Asem

Until 1838 Rani Regnant Singhasari Cokorda  


1897-1936 Aru I Buabara 
She was head of one of the Bugis states until she abdicated in favour of son Andi Coppo, who ruled until 1952.


1860s Regent Princess Meuk Se
She was regent for her mentally unstable brother, Loleh Malelak (1844-73).

Klungkung (Bali)

1815-circa 56 Dewa Aung Isteri Kania
1849-circa 56 Susuhuna (Empress) of Bali and Lombok
The latter was a title given to the Klungkung rulers by the Dutch colonial rulers.



Makassarese state in the Turatea area in SW Celebes.

1861-79 I Madima Daeng Bau
Succeeded her father, Mohamed Daeng Riboko, and was succeeded by brother, I Tikula.

Principality in South-Eastern-Sulawesi

1955- Heir to the Dynasty Tina Tekaka
The daughter of the last
ruling Raja Raja/Mokole Tekaka(1927/3-55), who married a Dutch military officer, Bisschop, as second husband and now lives now in Holland, and she is not considered Head of the Royal Family but as the person with the best claims to the title.. (b. 1927-)

Principality the Belu-area in Middle Timor.

18... Princess Regnant Banu Lorok
Married Tan Seran and later Nai, the Raja Besin of Dirma, who was succeeded by daughter Hoar Teti.

18.... Princess Regnant Hoar Teti
Succeeded mother Banu Lorok and married to Lebo, the nephew of her father Teti Lorok. Her grandson, Tahu Leki, reigned until 1916.


Around 1758 Regent Donna....
She was regent for Raja Don Gaspar I DVG, the head of Roman Catholic dynasty (Dias Vierra Godinho'). This principality was quite powerfull with influence over parts of the islands of Lembata (Lomblem), Adonara, Solor, Flores,etc. and also with ruling pretensions over the principalities of Sikka, Nita, KanagaE (area), Lio-area and sometimes even claiming influence over the whole island of Flores until maybe Manggarai. The Dutch wanted her to marry a Dutch noble in order to make her a political allied against the Portugese, who were the actual "rulers"over Flores-East at that time.

Around 1813-circa 21 Regent Dowager Ratu Donna Lorenza Gonsalvi
Also known as Gonzali led Njore Djawa or Nyora Djawa wich means woman from Java, she was probably regent for her minor son Don Lorenzo I (b. circa 1803). She was the 2nd wife of Raja Don Andre I (Pandai I) Diaz Viera Gondinho, who had succeeded his brother Raja Dom Manuel (Kaka Dower Ama) in 1812. They were the grandsons of Raja Adobala/Olle Adeballa (8th ruler of Larantoeka/Larantuka),who became Roman Catholic in 1645 and changed his name to Raja Don Francisco Dias Viera Godinho. Lorenza's son might have been declared king already in 1812. He ruled for sure in 1831-1838 and died 1849. In the Portuguese time his title was colonel-rei. He was also called Raja Buga.


1900-13 Ratu Petronella da Costa
She succeeded father, Alexander da Costa, and abdicated in favour of her brother, Raja Josef da Costa (also named Jozef da Costa or Siriman) who had succeeded their mother Ratu Petronella da Costa as ruler of Djeniloe. Two other brothers were also rajas: adopted Raja of Naitimoe and Raja of Fialarang. From 1913 the Dutch merge the small principalities together, because fewer  and bigger political entities would make it for the Dutch more easier to rule the area. So in 1914 Naitimoe, Lidak and Djeniloe  officially became the new federation Kakoelak Mesak, with Raja Josef da Costa as Raja and the following year he became ruler of the Federation of the Northern Part of Belu.

A major Principality in the Gorontalo-area

...Paramount-Ruler Tolangohula
She was the first ruler of the principality and married Lepehulawa, who was succeeded by son Yilonggoa,who was succeeded by son who was succeeded by sister

....... Paramount-Ruler Nggealo
She was granddaughter of Tolangohula and succeeded her fahter, Hulado. She married Humalanggi, ruler of Biawa, and was succeeded by son Tobuto

14... Paramount-Ruler Mitu
The daughter of Princess Nggealo, she succeeded her brother, Dataupatu. She was married to Uloli of Gorontalo(1427-50), and succeeded by two sons Moito and Puluhuluwa.

1536-39 Princess Regnant Datau of the Ta To Tilayo branch of Limbotto
She married Nggomi and was succeeded by son Bia

1551-62 Princess Regnant Molie Lembidu of the Ta To Tilayo branch of Limbotto
She was daughter of the first muslim ruler, Bia, and was first married to Huntuia and later with Detu, who ruled (1503-circa 152) over all of  Gorontalo, and was succeeded by her son Humonggiludaa, who only reigned for two years.

1566-1635 Princess Regnant Mitu of the Ta To Tilayo branch of Limbotto
Succeeded her halfbrother , Detuba, married to Tomelo, and was followed by her sister Delilauwo.

1635-60 Princess Regnant Delilauwo of the Ta To Tilayo branch of Limbotto
She succeeded her sister, Mitu and was married to Biauddin, and was followed by a female relative, Ntideha

1660-71 Princess Regnant Ntideha of the Ta To Tilayo branch of Limbotto
Another version of her name is
Ntidehu, and she was daughter of Detubia, she succeeded her relative, Delilauwo, and married Pangoliwu(daa) of Gorontalo. She was followed by son  Ilato (Ju Panggola)

1700-50 Princess Regnant Pulu of the Ta To Tilayo branch of Limbotto
Also kown as Tintito, she was daughter of Walangadu of Gorontalo, and married Lepehulawo of the Downlying parts of Gorontalo (1696-1735). It was a period of resettlements and she was succeeded by her son, Biauddin.

Another version of the succession of the Ta To Tilayo branch (based on other sources)

Until 1481/90 Molie
She was the granddaughter of Nggealo and married to Walango of Gorontalo (1450-81), succeeded by Polamolo of Limbotto and Gorontalo. After her death, the principality was devided among the sons of one of her predecessors, Moito. Datau became ruler of the Ta To Tilayo branch,(1536-1539), his halfbrother Pilohibuto Raja of the To Huliyalo branch (circa 1525) after a short time Raja of the whole principalty.

.......Apolo of the To Huliyalo branch
She was daughter of Puloyoto and Bilondato. Her grandson Tilahunga (or Olangia) married the reigning Princess Wulutileni of downlying part of Gorontalo (1578-1611).

.....Momio of the To Huliyalo branch
She succeeded her father, Tilahunga, married Balalangita, and succeeded by son Pomontolo,who was followed by his son Pilohibuta

Until 1684 Pongaito of the To Huliyalo branch
Succeeded her father, Pilohibuta, and reigned for a short time until the Gorontalo royalty began to rule in this branch.

Formerly one of the most prominent Bugis states of Celebes in Middle-Sulawesi

....Datu Maoge
She was the 15th ruler and married to Batara Guru and succeeded by her daughter.

.... Payung e-ri Luwu Opunna Rawe
The daughter of Datu Maoge, she married Datu Balubu.

1713-19 Payung e-ri Luwu Fatima Batara Tongke
Succeeded father,
Muhammad Muizuddin To Palaguna, and she was succeeded by the daughter of her father's sister.

1719-34 Payung e-ri Luwu Batari Toja
She succeeded her relative, Fatima, and since she had no children, she was succeeded by Fatima's daughter, We Tenrileleang Aisyah Bahjatuddin.

1734-51 Payung e-ri Luwu We Tenrileleang Aisyah Bahjatuddin
From 1747 Datuk of Tanette

From 1751 Payung e-ri Luwu Petta Matinroe ri Kaluku Bodoe

1809-26 Payung e-ri Luwu We Tenriawaru
She succeeded Abdullah La Tenripappang, and married Adatuang La Paonrowang of Soppeng (1782-1820).

1880-83 Payung e-ri Luwu Datuk Opu Anrong Guru (MatinroE-ri-Tamalulu)
She succeeded her nephew, Abdul Karim To Barue.

1898-1935 Payung e-ri Luwu Andi We Kambo Opu Daeng Risompa
Succeeded father Iskandar Aru Larompang, and was the last traditionally installed ruler. Until around 1905 she was in opposition to the Ducth rule. The name given to her after her death was Matinroe/Matinrowe ri Limpomajang, and the last word indicates the place of her death. Her son, Andi Jemma Barue, was the last ruler of Luwu, Andi Jemma Barue (1936-46/49-59/60).

1965 or 1985-circa 1990 Symbol of the Monarchy Andi Tenri Padang Opu Datu
Took the role after the death of her husband since 1944, Datu Andi Jemma Barue. She was daughter of Arumpone Andi Mappanyuki of Bone (d. 1967), who ruled in Suppa as Datu 1900-1905 and 1931-1946 and 1957-1960 as area chief.

2003- Datu Andi Lu
A grand-daughte of Datu Andi Jemma
Barue, she was placed on the throne by a relative, who became mayor of the royal town of Palopo that year.


Majapahit at Java (Singosari and Majapahit)

1328-50 Queen Tribuvana Mahapati

1328-50 Co-Regent Tribuvanottunga Devi Java Vishnuvardhanida

1328-50 Co-Regent Rajapatini Gayati Tribu

1429-47 Pretender Suhita


......Maradia I Sama to Buku
She succeeded her father, Tomonge Alelanna, and married Palebolebo, the sub-raja of Allu in Baqlangnipa.

1850-62 Maradia Passelepa
Her Brother, I Nyaring, was one of the Sub-rulers in Majene, Her father was also Maradia of Majene


After 1900 Temporary Ina Latu Mie Pattiradjawane
A member of the Wattimena family, she succeeded Opu Latu Weinand Wattimena, who ruled in 1900. She later married Raja S.F. Pattiradjawane of Kariu at Island of Haruku.

Malusetasi (Nepu) 

1906-17 Aru Regnant I Samatana

Bugis state

18.....Aru Sitra
Succeeded her brother, Aru Tandi, and was succceeded by another relative Aru Silassa

A Principality in middle-Java.

1993-94 Titluar Head of the Dynasty Gusti Raden Ajeng Siti Nurul Kusumo Wardani
Parts of the dynasty was dissatisfied with her nephew, the titular-Pangeran Mangkunegoro IX from 1987, and they deposed him and gave the title to her. This lated for about a year until peace was restored. Her full name is Gusti Raden Ayu Sitti Noeroel Kamaril Ngarasati Kusamawardhani Soeyosoejarso.


....Perampuan Magau
She was the 3rd Perampuan (Female) Magau (Ruler) and mother of the 5th Ruler

.... Maryama/Magau Dusa
She was the 4th ruler.

....Perampuan Magau
She was the 5th Perampuan (Female) Magau (Ruler), and daughter of the 3rd Magau. She married Prince Latondo of Sausu and mother of Magau Sopalemba - or Nurudin who died in 1873.


One of the two semi-independent vasalstates of Soppeng in North Mario-ri wawo

Around 1860 Regent Dowager Princess Dara Wali
Regent for her minor son, was mentioned as regent for her minor son I Mallé.

Mataram Kingdom in Central Java

832-ca.38 Queen Regnant Pramodo Vardhani
Also known as Pramodawardhani, she succeeded her father Taga Samara-tunga, and was a highly tolerant ruler. She was known to have set aside a plot of land for the construction of a Hindu temple. At the end of Batu Besar War, she build a Linga in KunjaraKunja Hills. Succeeded by her husband, Pikatan, who reigned 838-51. In 835 the Sanjaya Dynasty conquered the island.

Principality in West-Borneo/Kalimantan, from circa 1720 ruled by a Buginese dynasty from Luwu,who intermarried in the local dynasty

1790-95 Ruler Daeng Lela
She succeeded her husband. Her stephson, Gusti Jati, or Panembahan Suryanata Kusuma /Sultan Muhammad Zainal Abidin was regent for her from 1790-1795 until he became ruler. Her own son became ruler in 1828.

Pricipality in East Bali

1770/80-1807 Regent Dowager Princess Gusti Ayu Oka Kaba-Kaba
After the death of her husband, Gusti Agung Made Munggu, she was regent for son Gusti Agung Putu Agung and from 1793/4 for grandson.


State in North Western Celebes

1897 Magau I Djeni
Also known as Jeni or I Djengi, and succeeded brother, Bapa I Henta was Raja Malolo, or heir to the throne, which he had refused to occupy after another relative fled the state. (b. 183..-?).

Pasai/Pase (Samudra Pasai Kesepulih) (In Sumatra)

After 1326-80 Sultana Nur-Ilah of Kadah [Kedah] and Pase [Pasai]
A pair of gravestones, one written in old Javanese and one in Arabic characters, were found in the village of Minye Tujoh in Aceh with the appellation “Queen of the Faith…who has rights on Kadah and Pase.” Her father was Sultan Malikul Zahir Thani who ascended the throne in 1326.

Circa 1400-28 Sultana Seri Ratu Nihrasyiah Rawangsa Khadiyu
Also known as Sultanah Nahrasiyah Malikul Zahir, she succeeded her father, Sultan Zainal Abidin, after she had gained the respect of the whole community and the royal family, who agreed to hand over the power of the state to her.

1470-? Sultana Narisa Malik uz-Zahir
Daughter of Sultan Kadir al Malik uz-Zahir ibnu al-Marhum of Pasai and married to Sultan Muhammad of Aceh (Achin/Atjeh), who reigned (1465-77)

Is a principality and later a Sultanate in East-Borneo/Kalimantan

1516-67 Puteri di Dalam Petung
She was the oldest daughter of a mythical woman, who married a Prince of Grisee - a priest-principality on Java. Puteri di Dalam married Abu Mansyur Indra Jaya, who introduced islam in Pasir. She was succeeded by her son Aji Mas Pati Indra.

Paso (Statelet in the Mandar Region of the South Molukken)

1937-? Regent Loppies-Tuhurea
Married to a ruler from the Simau-family. Her origianal ruler's title was Orang Kaya. Also Regent in of Tengah-Tengah

1985- Raja Ratu Theresia Maitimu of Paso (South Molukken)
The title of a male Raja is Latupati and for female radja it is Latumahina. She works for peace and religious tolerance her principality.

Pengatan and Kusan
A principality in South Eastern-Borneo/Kalimantan. The dynasty was Bugis and originated from South Western Celebes/Sulawesi.

1875-83 Arung Raja Daeng Mangkau
She was more or less as regent for her 2nd son Raja Arung Abdurakhim Andi Sallo (circa 1867-1892-1908). She was daughter of Arung Palewan Abdul Rakhim (1838-1855). Her childless brother, Raja Arung Abdul Karim, (1855-1871) was succeeded by her minor son, Raja Arung Abdul Jabar, who died 5-4-1875 still as a minor. She was married with Pangeran Muda Mohammad Arifillah Aji Samarang of Cengal,Menungul and Bangkalaan. After her death the Prime minister was regent until he was murdered in 1885.


Rapang (Rappang)
Buginese state in South Western Celebes

14.... Werepu Linge Manurung ri Akkajeng
Married to
Manurung ri Bacukiki, and was succeeded by daughter, Wepawawoi.

She succeeded mother, Werepu Linge, and was succeeded by husband, Songko Pulawenge

Maried to La Batara

Before 1607 Malangkanae
She succeeded her husband, La Pasampo, and succeeded by their son, La Pakolongi,who ruled for sure in 1607, and was succeeded by daughter We Dangkau

After 1607 We Dangkau
Married to a relative, La Patiroi

.....We Tasi
Married to Prince La Billa of Alita. She was also ruler of Suppa, and her mother was We Tenrilekki of Alitta We Tasi was succeeded by her son, Todani

.......We Madditana
Succeeded her father La Maddinanca Bettie and was succeeded by daughter, We Bangki.

Before 1889 We Bangki
Succeeded mother,
We Madditana, and was succeeded by husband, La Pangoriseng,who ruled until 1889. Their son Sumanga Ruka ruled 1886-1904.

1905-08 I Njilitimo Aru Baranti
She became ruler after the abdication of her younger brother, La Sadapotto (1904-05), who was also ruler of Sidenreng. She abdicated in favour of a relative, Princess Tanri.

1908-42 I We Tanri
Succeeded upon the abdication of her relative I Njilitimo
Aru Baranti and was married to Prince Andi Madakelleng of Wajo.

1940-circa 42 Adatuwang Regnant Andi Tenri
Also Ruler of Rappang 1911-1942, she succeeded her mother, I Ba Eda.


1992-2003 Tituar Ratu Tambu Rambu Yuliana of Rende, Queen of Sumba
She was d
aughter of last full ruling Raja of Rende, Raja Umbu Hapu Hamba Ndina (1932-60). He was followed by a Regent-Raja and the more nominal-rule of Raja Umbu Wanggi Keimaruku (1960-1992). After the death of the latter, she became nominal Queen of Rende ( Rindi or Rendeh) in East-Sumatra. She didn't rule officially, but for many persons she still had much power. She never married, because no royal of Sumba and surrounding islands could pay the high dowry for her. Also called Kita Nana, she lived (1931-2003).

Rutong (Statelet at the Island of Ambon)

1936-79 Orang Kaya Marie Maspaitella-Wattimena
Appointed temporary ruler of the statelet after the death of her husband, Orang Kaya Pieter Maspaitella, but she remained in ofice for the next 33 years, and lived (19194-88).



After 1609-before 1630 Sri Paduka Ratu Sepudak, Ratu of Sambas
She was a descendant of the Majapahit Kings and the last Hindu ruler of the kingdom. Her youngest daughter, Putri Mas Ayu Bungsu's husband, Radin Sulaiman, became Sultan of Sambas. He was son of the Sultan of Brunei.

Sangau (Borneo)

14... Queen Daroh Nanti  
She was Princess of Majapahit and founded the state.

A Makkasarese state in S
outh Western-Celebes/Sulawesi

Around 1642 Karenga I Pucu
Her brother Tumenanga ri Buttana ruled until 1647

1860 I Memang
She came to the throne after her cosin I Patua, was deposed. He had succeeded her father, Abdul Karim Tumenaga ri Laguruda in 1838. (In Dutch her name was spelled I Mimon). In 1865 sovereign rule was ended because of her bad rule. She stayed on as regent until she was deposed in 1867, when the territory came under direct Ducth rule, and her nominal successor were mere regents.


Until 2001 Ratu .....Titaley
She succeeded her father, J. Titaley as ruler of the small principality, and drowned in a boating accident


State in North-Western Celebes

1889 Maradi Kavea
The government was in the hands of her husband, Rampabila, who was cousin of the previous Raja

1898-circa 1900 and around 1905 Maradi Kavea Ta Saïnta
Also known as Tasa Inta, her residence was at Watunonju, and she succeeded her father, who had residence at Tomatonju. Neo-I-Sida was named as ruler around 1900.


Around 1824 Adatuwang Regnant Fatima Daeng Matene
Daughter of Adatuang La Kuning Ahmad, who was also Datu of Suppa, and married to La Badella Arung Batupute.She was succeeded by her brother, Adatuang La Cebu, who ruled before 1831-1870. Another brother, La Tenri alais La Bampe was Datu of Suppa until 1830, and a brother and sister were Arungs of Alitta - perhaps the sister was La Patta Cabalai.

1870-86 Adatuwang Regnant Pasule Daeng Bulaeng
Also Datu of Suppa, she was
daughter of La Pancaitana, Adatuang of Sawito, Arung of Rappang and Datu of Suppa. Her daughter was Arung We Tenrilekke of Alitta and the two sons Adatuang La Tenripau of Sawitto and Datu La Tenrisessi of Suppa

1922-40 Adatuwang Regnant I Ba Eda
Also known as,
La Baeda, she succeeded her father, Andi Tamma, and was married to Adatuang La Sadapotto of Sidenreng (1904-05). Her sister was  Arung La Bode of Alitta, and she was succeeded by daughter, Andi Tenri.

1940-42 Adatuwang Regnant Andi Tenri
Also Ruler of Rappang 1908-1942. In Sawito she succeeded her mother, I Ba Eda.

1951-... Adatuwang Regnant Bau Rukiah

Principality on the island of Sawu, South-West of Timor.

1992- Symbol of the Monarchy the Dowager Princess
She is the widow of the l
he last ruling Raja, or DoaE, David D. Bireloedji, who ruled from 1963.

Sepuh (Mataram, Java)

1811 Ratu Kenchanawulan

Small principality in West Papua - Onin Peninsula

Circa 2007- Regent-Ratu Hajjah Rustutih Rumagesan
When her father died, an uncle became raja of the principality, but a power struggle errupted with her 3 other uncles and she was asked to become regent.

Bugis state in S
outh-Western Celebes/Sulawesi.

1634 Adatuang We Abeng
She succeeded her father Adatuang La Patiroi, but the same year her half-brother, La Makkaraka, took power.

Around 1700 Adatuang Adi We Rakkia Karaeng Kanjenne
Succeeded father, Adatuang La Mallewai

states in the Western-Central  Sulawesi, which later merged

........Magau Sairali Intobongo of Sigi
Succeeded father, Magau Bakulu and married Intowiwa, and was succeeded by brother, Tanjalabu.

.........Magau Pue Bua of Sigi
Succeeded father,
Sairali I Mewanalemba, and married to the Mogara of Dolo. Their daughter, Bakakeku, became ruler of Dolo and married Tondalabua, who was ruler of Sigi, and nephew of Pue Bua.

........ Magau Intobonga of Sigi
She married,
Lolontomene, who was son of  Princess Bakakeku of Dolo and Prince Tondalabua of Sigi.

1906-15 Regent-Ratu/Magau I Tondai of Biromaru
1907-15 Magau of Sigi
Successor of her father, Daeng Masiri of Sigi, the year after she had followed her mother Yahasia as Regent-Ratu/Magau of Biromaru. I Tondai abdicated in 1915 and the states of Biromaru and Sigi-Dolo merged. She was succeeded by Magu Lamakarate, Datu Pamusu, the son of her sister, Yolekodi, who was married to Magau Jayalangkara van Tawaeli. Her successor was already ruler of Dolo.

A large principality in Western Borneo/Kalimantan

.....Princess Dayang Lenkong
Succeeded her father, Aji Melayu, and married Patih Laung, who succeeded her and was later followed by their daguther.

.....Dayang Randung
Succeeded by husband, Adipati Sebetung, who was later followed by their son.

.....Dayang Senari
Succeeded her father Demong Minyak and succeeded by Hasan,who is considered as the first actual ruler of the state with name Sintang. He might have been the first muslim ruler

.....Dara Juanti
Succeeded father, Jebair Irawan (Demang Irawan/Jubairi), and became a very famous ruler of the principality and was succeeded by her husband, Patih Logender, who was son of the Prime Minister of Majapahit, Jayasena. Dara Juanti's sister-in-law Nawangsasi's decendants were rulers of Majapahit.


Circa 1640-ca.60 Moäng Ratu Dona Maria Ximenes da Silva
She succeeded her brother Moäng Ratu Pitang (alias Kapitan) as ruler of the Roman Catholic principality on the sland of Flores. She was a daughter of the first Moäng Ratu or King of Sikka, Don Alesu da Silva (or Alexius Ximenes da Silva) who had converted to chrisitanity after meeting the Portugese in Malacca. He established the principality around 1580. She was succeeded by her full cousin Moäng Ratu Don Simao (Samaoh), who was the son of her father's sister Lise.

Around 1700 Moäng Ratu Dona Ines Ximenes da Silva
She succeeded her brother Moäng Ratu Don Simao (Samaoh), and was later succeeded by the grandson of a brother of her mother Moäng Ratu Don Siku Koru as ruler of the Roman Catholic principality on the sland of Flores. The Ximenes da Silva-dynasty ruled until 1952 and continued as civil rulers until 1960 over Sikka.

n island east of Flores

circa 1646-1664 Nyai Cili
Also known as Nyai Pertawi, she reigned after the death of her husband, Kaicil Partana alias Sultan Sili Pertawi. Western travellers  called her a pagan Queen. Succeeded by daughter.

1664-86 Nyai Cili Muda
Succeeded mother, Nyai Cili, and was followed by son of her sister, Sengaji Cili

Sonbai (Besar)
A kingdom or rather an empire in Eastern Timor.Timor was before one big empire ruled by the divine Maromak Oan,who was based in the Belu area.

From circa 1650-1680 Ama Tuan

1682-1717 Nony Sonbait
She lived (circa 1666-1717)

1699-1708 the female Ama Baki
She was regent for Nony Sonbait in succession to Ama Bobo

Buginese state in South Western Celebes/Sulawesi.

....4rd Soledatu We Tekewanua of Soppeng and Suppa
Succeeded father,La Bang, married to La Temmapeo and succeeded by son La Makkanenga.

1707-? Soledatu We Adda
Succeeded brother, La Tenrisenge Towesa, and married Arung Palakka of Bone.

1724-38  Soledatu Batari Toja
Succeeded brother, La Pad and succeeded by another brother, La Mappasossong.

1820-28 Datuk Regnant Wa Tan-ri-a-Wani Aru Lapajung  (MatinroE-ri-Barunga)

1828 Regent ....
Sister of We Tanriawaru.

1895-1940  Soledatu Siti Saenabe Aru Lapajung
Succeeded a relative and married to La Pabeangi Aru Ganra, and succeeded by, son Andi Wanna (1940-59-61).

State in Western-Borneo/Kalimantan.

1607-27 Panembahan Putri Bunku
Succeeded husband, Panembahan Giri Kusuma. She was the daughter of Ratu Prabu of Landak, who was  ruler, and was succeeded by her son, Sultan Muhammad Safiuddin (Giri Mustaka).


-2003- Possible future Sultana.....
The present Sultan-in-waiting, who has not installed as Sultan has no sons, and might be succeeded by one of his daughters, since the
the muslim tradition is less fundamentalistic.

Sumenep (or Sumeneji) at Bali

Until 1705 Queen Raden Ayu Diputi Tjokru Negoro

A Sultanate on the western side of the island of Sumbawa

1759-62 Datu Karaeng Bontoa
Succeeded her husband, Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin I alias Mappasusu (Musa Larie Alesi), and was deposed. Her first husband was Karaeng Bontolangkasa of Gowa, who died 1739. She lived (1705-62).

1791-95 Datu Daeng Massiki
Also known as Safiatuddin, she succeeded her father, Datu Bodi Harunarrasyid II (Datu Jerewe), and married Sultan Abdul Hamid of Bima. She was succeeded by a relative.


723 –732 Formal Queen Regnant Tejakencana
Following the death of her father,  Crown Prince Tarusbawa, she was hailed as heiress. She married Rakeyan Jamri, a son of King Bratasenawa of Galuh Kingdom, who became the second king of Sunda.

Supa (Akataparang)
Buginese state in South Western-Celebes/Sulawesi.

Datuk We Tepulinge
Her grandson La Putebubu, baptised as Dom Joao, is known to have ruled who ruled in 1544.

After 1544 Datuk Lampe Ellong
The granddaughter of Dom Joao, she succeeded her father, married La Cellamata and was succeeded by Princess Tosappae.

Around 1600 Datuk Tosappae
Married a distant relative, and was succeeded by another distant relative Prince La Pancaitana.

Around 1600 Datuk We Passulle
She succeeded her father, La Pancaitana, married La Patiroi and was succeeded by her son La Tenrisessi.

.....Datuk We Tasi
Succeeded a relative and was succeeded by another relative, and then by son, Todani, who died in 1681.

1860-81 Datuk Regnant Basse Kajuwara Hadie Abel Hadie Pelai-eengi Paseempa
She was regent of Bone for her minor son, La Pamadanukka, after the death of her husband, Arumpugie. Her son died in 1860 and she was deposed as Arumpone of Bone because of her anti-Dutch behaviour. She was daughter of La Tenrisukki Arung Kajuwara, and she succeeded a relative, I Towakka Arung Kalibong, in Suppa, and succeeded here by daughter I Madellung Arung Kajuwara.

1881-1902 Datuk I Madellung Arung Kajuwara
Succeeded mother, Basse Kajuwara, widow of To Tompeng Aru Sengkang (or To Lampeng, who was Datu of Suppa (1848-60) and was succeeded by the young son of her sister.

1950-ca 59 Datuk I Suji
Her son La Kane (or Kunen/Kuneng) is the present chief  of the dynasty of Suppa. She (d. circa 1992).


Principality in the Sangir and Talaud archipelago

1570-1609 Ratu Loharaung
The daughter of a local minor ruler, Raja Bowntehu, she became the first monarch of whole Tagulandang. Suceeded by the son of her daughter, Tansekoa, Balango

Makkasarese state in South West-Celebes.Younger

Before 1590 I Sambo
She succeeded father, I Daeng Padulu, and was succeeded by husband, Tunijallo, who was also Somba of Gowa, and ruled in Tallo until 1590

1767-77 Sitti Saleh I
Born as Princess of Taeng she succeeded Abdul Kadir II. She (d. 1778)

1814-24 Sultan Regnant Setti Saleh II Karaeng Bontomasugi (Tumenanga-ri-Kanatojena)
Sitti Saleh II was the first ruler of Tallo after it was split from Gowa again. She was daughter of Safiuddin Mappainga Karaeng Limpangang, and was and succeeded by her brother I Mappatunru, who died the following year.

1845-50 Sultan Regnant Bata-ri-Toja Sittie Aisya Karaeng Bontomasugi (Tumenanga-ri-Bontomanai)
Aisyah succeeded brother, La Odanriu Karaeng Katangka.


Tanah Bumbu
An area in South-Eastern Borneo/Kalimantan,which actually was a part of Banjarmasin sultanate,but later became more and more semi-independent.The Dutch listed them among the Rajas and Sultans of Netherlands India.

17.... Ratu Mas
Succeeded father, Pangeran Dipati Tuha, and married to Daeng Malewa,Pangeran Dipati who succeeded her. Their daughter Ratu Intan became Ratu of the Cantung and Batulicin statelettes and married Sultan Anom of Pasir, als known as Sultan Dipati Anom Alamsyah Aji Dipati (1768-99).

Before 1841 Ratu Agung Gusti Besar of Bangkalaan, Sampanahan and Menungul, Angeran Seria of Cengul, Cantung and Batu Licen
Succeeded her brother Pangeran Nata. Another brother, Pang Mangku Gusti Ali, ruled in Sampanahan. She married Aji Raden of Pasir, and was succeeded by son Pang Aji Jawi in all the principalities until his death in 1841.

Around 1846 Ratu Intan II of Bangkalaan, Menungul and Cengul
She married Aji Pati, the Pangeran Agung of Pasir, who was co-ruler until his death 1846. She then married Abdul Kadir of Kusan, who ruled 1845-61).



1716-35 Datuk We Pattekketana Faeng Tanisanga
She succeeded, father Mappajanci Daeng Matayan (circa 1677-1716), and married Muhammad Muizuddin of Luwu (1704-1713), who was succeeded as Datu of Luwu by their daughter. We Pattekketana was succeeded by their daughters grandson, who was again succeeded by sister in 1747.

1747-76 Datuk We Tenrileleang Aisyah Bahjatuddin
Ruler of Luwu from 1734, she succeeded her brother, La Odanriu Daeng Mattiri Ysuf Fakhruddin. She married La Mappaselli Aru Patojo (died 1732) and then Tolaowe Sapirie, the Datu of Mario ri Awa, and the daughter from this marriage, We Panang-areng, became Datu of Mario ri Wawo.

1810-26 Regent Dowager Princess I Pancaitana Aru Pancana
After the death of her husband,
La Maddusila Abdul Kadir Muhyuddin, she was regent for her son, La Patau Abdullah Saipu Aru Pancana.

1824 and 1825-27 Datuk Regnant Daeng Tanisanga
She became ruler after her brother,
La Patau Abdullah Saipu Aru Pancana, was deposed
. He was reinstated and again deposed. She then ruled until her abdication.

1853-57 Regent Princess We Tan-ri-Olle
1857-1910 Aru Regnant
Succeeded father, also known as
Siti Aisyah We Tenri Olle, she was married to d La Sangaji Unru, until their divorce in 1853.

 1910-1926 Aru Regnant I Pancaitana Aru Pancana 

 1926-27 Regent Dowager Datuk I Pateka Tana

Tawaeli (Tavali)
State in Middle-Celebes. Also called Sirenjong.

.... Saemasia Pua Kurukire.
She was the 5th ruler and first married to Dato Labunguli of Palu and secondly to Ratu of Biromaru and was mother of a later Regent-Ratu of B.:Yahasia.

.....Daemasia Pue Kurikire
She was married to the Magau of Palu, I Dato Labungulili. Her daughter, Impangipi, was married to Latonda, a ruler of the small state of Sausu. Their son Sopalemba (or Nurudin) succeeded her as Magau and ruled until his death in 1873 and was then succeeded by Impangipi's daughter Mangau Tawaeli.Yangge Bodu Tome Tanggu, who ruled until 1900.

1873-1900 Mangau Tawaeli.Yangge Bodu Tome Tanggu of Tawaeli
Also known as Magau Pangga she ruled the principality as succesor of her brother Their mother was Impangipi - also called Dae Pangipi/Mardika Beli) - ratu of Biromaru, who married Raja Latonda of Sausu Magau Nurdin/Sopalemba (died circa 1874), and who was again daughter of the female Magau Daemesia Pure Kurukire, who was the 3th magau of Tawaeli at a not known time, possibly in the mid 1900-century. Around 1878 her son, Crown Prince Tumpalembe was the actual ruler possibly because she was then alerady old. She was succeeded by her nephewDaelengkara Mangge Dompo (1900-05), son of her sister  Daemaru. 


1521-32 Regent The Dowager Queen Njei Tjili
Also known as Cilli

An island group

Until 1878 Raja NN


State in North-Western Celebes.

1905-15 Makole I Raja
The Dutch named her RoE, and she was also known as Indo di Salaso



1925-46 Ranrang Toewa  Andi Ninong
She was married to Andi Malingkaang of Gowa, whose sister was,  I Batari Toja of  Barru.  Andi Ninong was deposed by Dutch in 1946 and her husband was executed by Dutch forces after WW II..Her youngest daughter, Andi Muddariyah,  was regarded in the modern time as Royal symbol in Wajo, or nominal-Queen, with the honorary name and title Petta (Princess) Ballasari  because she was one of the two persons of purest royal Buginese blood. Probably dead sometime after 1986. Andi Ninong was (b. 1904-?)



1823-26 Member of Council of Regency Radin Ajeng Sepuh
She later got the titles of Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kinchana and in 1826 Gusti Kanjeng Ratu. After the death of her husband,  Sultan Amangku Buwana IV, her son, Sultan Amangku Buwana V, reigned under a Council of Regency  until he was deposed. He was later restored after the death of his grandfather, Sultan Amangku Buwana II, in 1828. Another Regency Council reigned until he came of age in 1836. She was daughter of  Radin Adipati Dhanuraja II, Patih of Surakarta and Princess Kanjeng Ratu Anga Yogyakarta, the daughter of Sultan Amangku Buwana II.

1823-26 Member of the Council of Regency Radin Ayu Adipati Anum
The widow of Sultan Amangku Buwana III, she was member of the council of regeny for grandson, Sultan Amangku Buwana V. She was  daughter of Kanjeng Radin Temenggong Sasra di-ning Rat I, Bupati Wedana of Madium and Princess Bandara Radin Ayu Sasra di-ning Rat of Yogyakarta, the daughter of Sultan Amangku Buwana I. In 1794 she was given the title Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Ibu Suri, 1814 she was created Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kinchana and in 1822 she became Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Agung (cre. 21st May 1822),


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