Slovenia Heads of State

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Republic of Slovenia/ Republike Slovenije (Female suffrage 1945) Formerly a part of The Austro-Hungarian Empire became part the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1918 and achieved independence 1992

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1456-80 Hereditary Countess Margaret of Celje (Cilli)
She was daughter of Ulrich III of Celje (1406-1456), who was supporter of Queen Elisabeth of Bohemia and her son,
Ladislaus V Posthumous, and virtually regent of the kingdom. Margaret married Count Herman of Montfort and Duke Vladislav of Teschen

1962-63 Provisional President of Narodna Skubscina Vida Tomšič (and de-facto head of state)
Minister for Social Politics 1945-46, Member of the Executive Council in the 1950's, President of the Vecé Gradjana (Chamber of Citizens) of the Savezna Skupština in Yugoslavia 1967-69 and President of the Slovenian Narodna Skubscina 1974-78. She lived (1913-98).

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