Nepal Substates
Nepal Substates

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.......Regent Dowager Queen Padumal Devi
Mother of Rudra Malla of Bhatapur.

.......Regent Dowager Queen Deval Devi
Had a big hand in the affairs of the palace and in the administration of the country. Their role as regents of minor kings was very crucial. They had trained their sons and Kings of Bhaktapur

 Gorkha (Gurkha)

1732-42 Co-Regent Sri Sri Rani Chandrapavati
Widow of Bhupal Shah, Raja of Gorkha and co-regent with step-son. Daughter of the Raja of Palpa.

Kingdom of Mustang (Lo)

Circa 1728-34 Regent Nor-dzin bde-legs dbang-mo
Took over the reins for her son Amgon bSod-nams bsTan-'dzin dbang-rgyal (circa 1717-28-50), after the death of her husband, A-ham bKra-shis rnam-rgyal, Lo rGyal-po (King of Lo or Mustang), who had reigned since 1723. She was daughter of Nyi-ma rnam-rgyal, King of Ladakh. (d. after 1735).

1857-63 Regent rGyal-mo bKra-shis bu-khrid
After the death of her husband, A-ham Kun-dga'-nor-bu, Lo rGyal-po [or in Nepalese Sri Sri Sri Raja Kunga Norbu, Raja of Mustang, she was regent for their son, A-ham 'Jam-dbyangs dbang-dus (1857-63) who was never installed or crowned and thus addressed in some local chronicles as rGyal-sras (prince). She was born as member of a noble Tibetan family.

1863-68 Regent rGyal-mo Tshe-mchog sGrol-ma
She was first married to A-ham 'Jam-dbyangs dbang-dus (1857-63) and then to her brother-in-law, the Lama of Tsarang, and acted as his regent after he resigned as Lama and took over as Raja of Mustaing under the name of A-ham dNgos-grub-dPal-'bar. The increasing centralisation under the Rana regime after 1846, together with mounting tensions between Nepal and Tibet, meant that the central government took increasing interest in exercising control. Nevertheless, Lo continued to manage its own affairs, retaining a large degree of local autonomy throughout the regime. She died suddenly. (d. 1871).


1684-1705 Politically Infuential Queen Yoglaxmi Devi
Had great influence in the administration of the kingdom during the reign of her husband, Yognarendra Malla
Jayayoganarendramalla (1684-1705). She had circulated coin with her name along with her husband.

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