Cambodia Substates

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Female Heads of Cambodian Substates (Female Suffrage 1956)
Independent 1953, Kingdom till 1970 and from 1993, Republic 1970-93

Also see Cambodia Heads of State  and Cambodia Ministers

Fu Nan

180-90 Queen SomÔ  


575-580 Queen Regnant Kambuja-raja-lakshmi
Maternal cousin of king Sresthavarman and the daughter of king Viravarman. She was married to king Bhavavarman I. It was through her that he inherited the royal lineage.

Circa 680-713 Queen Jaya Devi



Circa 725 Queen Regnant Indrani
The heiress to the Kingdom, she was married to Puskarasha, son of Queen Regnant Jayadevi of Chenla, and he afterwards became King. They had at least two children, a son named Sambhuvarman, and a daughter, Nrpendradevi (also known in later inscriptions as Nrpatindradevi).

Circa 750 Queen Regnant Sri Nrpendradevi
Also known in later inscriptions as Nrpatindradevi, she was the daughter of Queen Indrani and king Puskarasha. Her husband was Rajendravarman, her cousin and nephew. They had two children, a son named Mahipativarman and a daughter Jayendravallabha.

After circa 750-803 Queen Regnant Jayendrabha
Also known as Jayendravallabha, she was the daughter of Queen Nrpendradevi and Rajendravarman. She was married to king Jayavarman II, who established himself as king of Indrapura in 781. Their daughter was Jyestha

803-34 Queen Regnant Jyestha of Sambhupura
She was the daughter of Queen Jayendra[valla]bha and King Jayavarman II. She described herself as queen of Sambhupura in 803. The next ruler was Jayavarman III (ruled in 834-877).



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