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Federation of Malaysia/ Persekutuan Tanah Malaysia
(Female Suffrage 1957)

Formerly the principalities in the Malayan peninsular were under British Protection, became independent 1956 as the Federation of Malaya, 1963 adopted its present name, and in 1965 Singapore became independent

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1952-56 Queen Elizabeth the second by the Grace of God of United Kingdom of Great Britain and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth
She was head of state in the British Crown-Colonies in the area, the other Malayan states were British Protectorates. Queen Elizabeth has been Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain since 1952.


1723-47 Dato' Putri Siti Awan Setiawanm I
She was married to Dato' Johan Pahlawan Lelei Perkasa Setia Wan

1747-ca.60 Dato' Johan Pahlawan Lele Perkasa Setiawan Dato' Rambut Panjang, Dato' Undang of Luak Johol

Circa 1760-ca.90 Dato' Johan Pahlawan Lele Perkasa Setiawan Dato' Putri Setiawan II, Dato' Undang of Luak Johol
The succession the state normally passes via the eldest sister of the previous title holder.


1685-88 Regent the Dowager Queen 

1812-23 Regent Dowager Queen Tengku Hamidah (Puteri) of Johor


1610-63 Queen Regnant Chek Siti Wan Kembang
When her father died, a cousin of her mother, a prince of Johor, was appointed Regent and remained in office until she was in her thirties. Kelantan continued to prosper under her rule. Arab traders bestowed upon her the title "Paduka Cik Siti" in which Siti means honourable woman. Henceforth, the Queen of Kelantan came to be known as Cik Siti Wan Kembang. Abdicated and was succeeded by her adopted daughter, Princess Saadong. After this point, she became a legend because nobody knows where and when she died.

166367 Queen Regnant Tuan Puteri Saadong binti Raja Loyor of Jembal, Puteri Vijaya Mala, Raja of Jembal
Also known as Puteri Saadong or Mariam, she succeeded her adopted mother, Chek Siti Wan Kembang (1610-63) and her father, Raja Loyor bin Raja Sakti, as Raja of Jembal in 1663. Married to her cousin, Raja Abdullah bin al-Marhum Sultan Samiruddin, Raja of Kelantan-Selatan (Jembal). She was captured by the Siamese and forced to become a concubine of King Narai of Thailand in order to spare her husband's life. He vowed to wait for her return and never to remarry. However, after several years he gave up and remarried, and when she returned, she is supposed to have killed her with her hair pin, before leaving the Kingdom. According to some legends her mother was Raja Hijau or the Green Queen of Pattani.


Negri Sembilan

1869-72 Regent Tengku Intan binti Tengku Alang Husain, Tunku Ampuan
For son. 


19.. Regent Sharifah Leng binti Saiyd Abdul Hamid 
She was regent sometime after 1894 and before 1944. The state was one of nine minor states joined in the Negeri Sembilan Confederation. Full name is Sharifah Leng binti al Marhum Yang di-Peruan Muda Sayed Abdul Hamid

Undang Luak

17.. Inas (Ruler) Embun Serin of Undang Luak

18.. Embun Serin, The Undang Luak Inas of Inas
The state was one of nine minor states joined in the Negeri Sembilan Confederation


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