Laos Heads

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Laos Heads of State 
(Lan-Xang more or less covers present day's Lao)

Also see Laos Ministers

1368 Queen Nang Keo Lot Fa of Lan-Xang

1416 Regent Dowager Queen Nang Chlo Pumba of Lan-Xang

1428 De facto ruler Queen  Nang Keo P'imp'a of Lan-Xang

1440 Queen Regnant Nang Keo Phimba of Lan-Xang
She took over as ruler after having placed various princes on the throne. She only reigned for a few months before she was deposed and killed. 

1534-? Regent Dowager Queen Maha Tewi of  Lan Xang (=Laos)
She was regent for King Seththathirat.




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