Ethiopia Substates

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Ethiopia Substates 

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Around 950 Princess Yodit
In 950 she conquered Aksum


Circa 375-80 Ras Ela Adhana I

4?? Ras Ela Adhana II 
She ruled for 6 years

846-85 Ras Ela Giudit Terda’e Gomaz Yodit 
Grandchild of Ras Demawedem Wechem Asfare (790-820) 

Demot (South of the Nile and South-west of Shava)

Circa 980-1000 Queen Gudit of Bani al-Hamusa 
She attacked the Aksumite Dynasty ruling Ethiopia. She was probably Jewish. It is not quite clear where Bahi al-Hamusa was situated.


Until circa 1879 Queen Moh’


1839-51 (†) Governor Weyzero Elleni
She was murdered together with grandsons.


1285-87 Maat Layla Sultan
She succeeded her brother  

1543-52 Regent Dowager Sultana Bat'ial Dël Wanbara
Bati Del Wambara was the widow of Amir
Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi, (1525-44), who invaded and devastated the Christian kingdom of Ethiopia from Showa in the north to Hamasen in the south 1527-1543. Defeated and killed at the foot of Mount Zantara, by a combined force of Portuguese and Ethiopians. She was daughter of Amir Mahfuz and Adal. Her second husband was
Imam Nur ul-Mujtahid, who became Sultan of Harrar in 1552. She was killed in battle by Emperor Lebna Dengal.

1834.... Regent Dowager Sultana Guisti Fatima
After the death of her husband,
Amir 'Abu Bakar II ibn 'Abdu'l Munan, who had succeeded her father r 'Abdu'l Karim as Amir of Harrar in 1829, she was regent for her son, Amir Ahmad III ibn 'Abu Bakar (1834-52).

Ifat (East Shoa) (Ethiopia/Somalia)

Ca.1344-ca.52 Sultan Regnant Mo'at Laila 

Marra Biet

1820-1855 Ras Regnant Bezebesh 
Married to Ras Shale Selassi of Shawa in 1840 and became his advisor until they were both deposed. The state was conquered by Emperor Tewodro II


Before 1840 Ruler Zmama Worq of Shawa, Menz etc. 
Her son Ras Shale Selassie married Ras Bezebesh of Marra Biet in 1840.

Until 1855 Queen Etege Bezebesh 

Samien (Falsa)

Before 1330 Queen Regnant Yodith I of Samien (Falsa)
Succeeded husband and succeeded by daughter

13?? Queen Regnant Yodith II of Samien (Falsa) 

"The Provinces North and West of the Tana Lake"

1840-47 Ruler Empress Menen of The Provinces North and West of the Tana Lake (Ethiopia)
Also known as Manam Liben-Amdie, she helped bring her husband, Emperor Yohannes III, on the throne. He ruled 1840-41, 1845 and 1850-51 and 1840-47 she was Politically Influential in Ethiopia
. In 1845 Lij Kassa Hailu rebelled against her and her son Ras Ali II, who held the office of Viceroy, he invaded and pillaged Dembiya in October 1846, conquered Gondar in January 1847, defeated and captured her in June 1847 but released her again in August. She was the widow of Ras Alula Gugsa, Governor of Gojjam, and daughter of Imam Liban Amade Kolase, chief of the Wollo of Warra Himenu, and lived (circa 1800-50s).



1868-76 Regent Dowager Queen Warqito Mastawat


1831-40 Regent Princess Menem Leben Amande
For son Ras Ali Aula. In 1840 she married Yohannes II and became Empress of Ethiopia. She must have become very powerful, because in 1842 he launched a rebellion against her. Menem was beaten by Melenik II in 1847.


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